Tuesday, August 30, 2011

they see me rollinnnnnn.....

I admittedly have pretty eclectic taste in music and some of the weirdest hip hop songs in my ipod/mp3/CD collection. The other night when I was riding into manhattan, this Chamillionaire song came on in my headphones, and it just brought me back, reminding me of life right after college, living at the SLATCH haus in Narragansett, RI, basically on a permanent vacation. Not to say this was the ideal life. Definitely not at all, we can all admit that. We're lucky to be alive...

We all had jobs. We knew the liquor distributors by name. We watched the package store bump the price of a PBR 12 pack up from $5 to $8. We stole street signs. We lived on a lake, while also living at the beach on the ocean. We food shopped at Costco, sometimes under the influence, which is how you wind up with $200 worth of snacks, cookies, and no actual food. We saw more people fall down our stairs at parties than you could have imagined. We drank Cristal (more on that at a later date).

We knew every bar and what night they had what kind of food for free.

anyways, enjoy this track.

Yeah, the song is still pretty terrible, but in a GREAT way.

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