Tuesday, August 23, 2011

speaking of Black (metal)...

Kvelertak is officially my new favorite band right now. And while their lyrics are in Norwegian, it doesn't matter. Listening to them while either killing a spreadsheet at work or driving/riding fast on the roadways just feels great. Even walking around the streets, it doesn't matter. If I've inspired you to check them out, leave a comment here. Let me know what listening to this band makes you want to do. And I know they aren't officially black metal, but they are rulers.

And if you're one of those people who check the blog silently, quietly lurking, just know that listening to this band makes me want to punch you in the face. Like accidentally run into each other in a dark alley and realize that I'm the guy that writes about himself and stupid shit here and you're the one who's IP address and service provider constantly pop up in my analytics as a top follower.....not that I check that stuff. But if I did and this band was on in my headphones, we could see if the years of boxing actually have any use outside of the ring.

AND FURTHER.....I got this email that Filson is officially releasing some of their best sellers in ALL BLACK. Coincidence of the black metal and the All Black Top Siders? Maybe. Maybe not. But look how great the Greenwood Jacket looks:

check out the rest of the black collection at Filson's site here.

side note:....I'm not a tough guy, I'm just tough. like hangin' tough. like NKOTB.


Anonymous said...

you probably belonged to a "cardio kickboxing class"....Not cool

theoldepro said...

hahaha, you're actually right. But I swear I was really good at it! damn. I hate when I'm outwitted.

C.O.C. said...

Okay There, so that will make people post on your site? Sounds like you need to relax and get back to your socal roots.

C.O.C. said...

Kvelertak is great though. And just because we watch your site silently doesn't mean we don't love ya bud.