Thursday, May 30, 2013

new blog? combining efforts? seriously, check below

Its no surprise that instagram has sort of taken over for the instant gratification that checking blogs used to.  I mean, different animals, but who knew you could basically check all of your favorite blogs and their newest posts while taking a dump and not have to load each website separately???

Well, Chris (70moto), Tony (tall tony) and I have agreed to join forces and have a blog called, wait for it.  wait.....


Yep, so fucking crafty it hurts.  Either way, it is our cross-country collaboration of mostly our instagram posts related to motorcycles OR things that we think are blog related.  it will also give us a place to put products that we may wind up selling at some point through a bigcartel site there or whatever else.  who knows.

go over and check it out.  leave a comment if you want.

In due time, i'll probably have this blog site redirect to that one.  If you're super pissed about this change, just let me know.  BUT Chris's new 56 panshovel is coming along so nicely and if you haven't seen it, you really should.  And yes, it is a legitimate panshovel.  NOT just a generator shovel (66-69).  Its a 1956 panhead bottom end mated to shovel heads with shovelhead rocker covers.  OH, and the jugs have been punched out and the cranks stroked to have a displacement around 88" as well.  super radical!