Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vans X Bad Brains

I picked up a pair of the low tops from this collection a few weeks ago, but I haven't pulled the pics off of my digi cam yet, so I'll use some stock photos for now. If you are or ever were a fan of Bad Brains then you know that their erradic, crazy, and all emcompassing sound was the fuel behind a lot of hardcore bands in 1980's NYC and beyond.

AND, if you know me, and the fact that I'm in 2 bands with the same name, GYDO, you can probably tell they were and are still a big influence to me. Get Your Death On and Get Your Dub On are born from the same members that love all things heavy, loud and low...and while they seem like they are on opposite ends of the spectrum, Doom and Metal vs. Dub Reggae, at the end of the day, they share the following:

Both Stoner Rock
Both revolve around repitition
Both leave you bobbing your head up and down

The sneaks have a clear waffle sole with one shoe having the Bad Brains logo and the other having a sweet Lion of Judah and are worth the purchase alone, never mind the amazing Syndicate style box and bag that has a graphic of their first album on casette screen printed on it....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

to kill a mockingbird

I've never really thought about it much. I mean, I definitely didn't read the book, but even the title never so much as made me think about actually killing a mockingbird.

Until 2 days ago. Seems like the heat wave we just had in San Diego brings the mockingbirds to their sexual prowess. And what does that mean? Bird shit everywhere? nope. Cock fights? no. Chirping and singing some sort of love song starting at midnight and going on continuously through the night until morning??? YEP.

I found the tree this guy or guys or gals was/were in, but what am I really gonna do? Throw a tennis ball at them? I can't do that, they're birds and they are following the instincts they were born with. I just have to deal with it.

(but the thought of breaking out my b.b. gun to kill a mockingbird did cross my mind.)

Which then reminded me of the time in college when Jon B and I bought ski masks and airsoft guns at the Walmart in Westerly, Rhode Island and while checking out Jon asked where the nearest bank was....you should've seen the old lady's face. oh man, she was freaked.....



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bummed and stoked

both at the same time??? yep.

Bummed that I'll be missing The Bash this weekend. It's been a good year for motorcycles for me. From the Encinitas late nights in the garages breaking stuff, to a few great road trips along the way and met some great people with tons of inspiration.

Be sure to follow Jake on his adventure from SLC to the event this weekend. I would have loved to have gone away this weekend up to Hemet and just do it up full camping style, but.....

Stoked that I'm heading to Sayulita, Mexico for some fun in the sun and lots of surfing, tequila, and not working. This will be an amazing time. good friends, good times to come for sure. Derek and Stephanie are getting married soon so this is his little bachelor weekend. I'm sure there will be the usual things that happen at these events like sleeping in, sharing stories and gossip, going to sleep early and relaxing.....wait...errrrrr. Nah, it'll be surfing till we can't move anymore following by drinking till we can't move anymore.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Handmade and Comfortable

This company has some amazing footwear for your purchasing and wearing pleasure. Every pair is handmade in Maine and I've heard that you can actually go up there and have them make your shoes for you. Thanks Jon B for the tip on these.

The Grizzly Boot

The Blucher

The Ring Boot (my personal fav)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday to the Hide-away

Carter and I took a short little moto trip out to Lake Hodges to grab some nachos and a beer while enjoying the great sunny easter day.

Turns out that the Hernandez Hideaway was closed by the time we got there, which was a bummer, but we checked out the lake and then decided to try to just hit up a bar in Rancho Santa Fe for a white wine spritzer instead. (i think that's what they drink in Rancho...)

Well on our way back, Carter rode through a swarm of bees and somehow, someway, one got into his helmet and into his EAR!!! All of a sudden, I'm following him, see a spray of bees around him and he just starts shaking and twitching while riding, trying to pull over safely. Finally he does, rips the helmet off and lo and behold, BEE IN THE EAR. in the fucking ear......it stung him on his middle lobe and decided to die there. It easily fell right out when he turned his head and after a few choice words, we continued on our trek. Nothing open in Rancho Santa Fe, so we rode some crazy windy (read: fun) roads to Solana Beach to Chiefs where we finally settled down for a few beers and nachos.

overall, a successful trip. Dustin you were severely missed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wednesday is locals night

super busy week. Leigh Anne's dad was in town and stayed with us Monday and Tuesday night. Its always good to catch up and sort of a nice thing to have parents stay at our house when they're travelling out this way for work. Role reversal a bit....? It's nice. Thanks for the good times and the dinners and ice cream Ray.

Tonight, Chris is trying to get this wednesday locals night going at Hensley's so hopefully I won't be at the office too late. Check out the details here.

Scored a helmet today from Joel and Mary at Vintage Klass. This is my second helmet from them and they are just the coolest cats. Nice to see a couple that loves to work together and follow their passion together!

I've been looking for a vintage full face helmet lately. Just been on my mind that its gotta be slightly safer than the open face for my longer trips and commutes and once I get thoughts like that in my brain, it just has to happen. Every turn I made riding yesterday I was like, "whoa....I really should have a full face 'just in case'.....".

pretty stoked. Wasn't sure on the America colorway, but its pure Evel Knievel style. go ahead, google image search Evel's helmet.

Next up is Brother Jon who has been in LA all week for meetings, but is taking a few days out of his busy Jersey life to spend time with his brother and sister in law. Padres game tomorrow....

Friday, April 3, 2009

hold on...just hold on

so I'm home, and finally getting to test out/use some of the fruits of my labor. The new grips are off the chain....these are the ride test samples, lock-ons CNC'd instead of forged and machined, but the function works. Cores are a material that I've never seen used for the core of a grip and the end plug is like a coin and the tape itself is leather.

mounted them on the good ole fixie and just cruised around for a bit after work tonight and let me tell ya, boy....they feel good. and just as importantly they look good. It's actually pretty great using things that you know you're bringing from paper to product. All I can say is that these will be the must have item for your commuter/fixie/single speed/steel/custom built/etc. bicycle next year. (well, at least I hope so...) and knowing they are for a brand that is at the heart and soul of the bicycle world.