Sunday, January 31, 2010

behave buddy...

Just look at that guy. He couldn't possibly be a bad boy while I'm in Taiwan.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Stakes is High

...Soul, De La Soul that is....

man, De La Soul is without a doubt one of the best hip hop groups of all time, not debate-able, if not MY personal #1 favorite. The album Stakes Is High was both influential upon myself and growing up in New York but on generations of MC's and producers alike. and while for me that was the beginning of the end of their true greatness as I never really got into ArtOfficial Intelligence, ever time I hear any song from Stakes Is High, I'm brought back to simpler times, rolling around New York with friends in high school, getting into enough trouble, shopping at Canal Jean Co for Manhattan Portage Bags, going to West Broadway to check out any bits of new shops or even just hanging out at the 7-11 parking lot.

Being that my grandparents lived in Long Island my whole life (via Brooklyn) I always had such a connection to 'Strong Island' as De La so put it. It was that and the fact that my brother's lifelong commitment to being an Islander fan probably.

And while to most people, including myself, 3 Feet High and Rising IS the De La album that may have helped change your life, do yourself a favor. If you have Stakes Is High, put it on today. I have and I couldn't feel better. If you don't have it, find it. Download it, buy it, or burn it from someone who does have it.

I know this isn't an actual video, but its the AUDIO that matters....

Is Strong Island for real???

oh yes, yes it is.

Monday, January 25, 2010

last week's carnage

After sharing my stories about the destruction that this rain storm caused, my friend Nate from Utah put it best...

"I'll never understand how under prepared SO CAL is for mother nature! I have a lot to learn, I know...."

It's true. It rained. It rained and it was windy. That was really it. But with lacks of proper sewers, irrigation or ANYTHING remotely related to that, our driveway flooded which then flooded our garage, and our neighbors trees decided to come out of the ground, through our fence and right next to our house, barely missing the power lines, but still scraping the house and taking out a few of our palm trees...

Leigh Anne was home during lunch when the first tree went down and heard it happen. She called the owner of the house to tell them the second one looked like it was gonna go too....well guess what, she was right and now we have a few new sections of fencing.

this is the flood that was in front of our garage and caused a river down the side of our house....there were also two rivers going THROUGH our garage on each side of the garage door.

here's the view from our neighbors yard. these are the uprooted trees

and lastly what we were greeted to when we went outside of our house.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

in the kitchen

I love cooking. I love pretty much everything about it. researching the utensils, finding great cookware, and buying fresh ingredients. the combination makes the whole experience great.

as with most things obsessive you find yourself forming alliances with certain brands. For example, I'm strictly All Clad, you won't find any calphalon in my house. not that I don't think its good product, but I've made the commitment to be an "all clad guy" whatever that means. And I try to stick to the Stainless colleciton only, although for eggs is hard to beat a non-stick equipped pan. Knives - wusthof. Even though I had to get over the fact that their logo reminded me of a swastika at first, I just fell for their simplistic designs AND their more progressive stuff. but for some of the smaller things, I love Joseph Joseph. Innovations and bright colors in their Chop 2 Pot cutting boards were what hooked me from the beginning, but lately, I've been just staring at their adjustable Rolling Pin:

so where do you stand in this all? do you think about this stuff? Maybe you like Le Creuset.....maybe you have a few pieces of Alessi goodness in your drawers....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

rock n roll metal shop

Kim snapped this photo and is using it has his blog's banner right now, but I figured I would steal it and repost it here.....

a few things worth mentioning:

1. this is CECNC. Pat's shop - Cutting Edge CNC
2. also home to the Bench Mark machine shop - yes super rad dudes.
3. in this picture are the following bikes
Kim's OG Swingarm Panhead
Pat's Rigid Ironhead
my Sportster
all of which having something done to them almost every day
(what can't been seen are Pat's BSA (i believe its a bsa) and Chris's Ironhead Gooseneck death trap.
4. Chris's dreadlocks
5. me playing drums in the back of the picture with The Foothills Band.
Pat was kind enough to let us hole up here for a few weeks to get ready for a January 28th show.
6. Some prototype 70 Moto bars on my sportster.

sometimes, everything is pretty rad.

Friday, January 8, 2010

my wife rules!

One of the things that I was definitely NOT expecting to get under the chrismukah tree was this.....the reissue of my first skateboard deck, the Caballero Mechanical Dragon. I guess she DOES LISTEN, hahah!

At some point, I'll probably break down and mount it up and skate it but its just such a cool thing to have and not get ruined. It gives me chills every time I see it. I remember the day my mom brought me to the real skate shop to get it. the board, some Independent trucks and some pink Cross Bones wheels and I believe she even hooked me up with a full Rector pad set that day. glorious.

So now that I had the deck, I finally was able to use my SKURNITURE legs that I've had stored away for a few months. these legs are amazing, have a great mid century modern look and turn any skatedeck into a side table/bench for your home. I've been using it as a computer table for when I'm working on the couch!

proper robot Ripper skull

the only thing I can't remember is the exact year I got the board or what year it was released....maybe 89?? any body know, hit me up.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rufus week 2

pretty much house trained. only a few accidents over the past few days. and crazy as hell.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Keeps fiddling with it

Here are some changes made on new years day.

Some BMX inspired chumps bars
Welded on a seat bracket and mounted up a swap meet find west eagle seat

Thanks to Chris for the help with the welding!