Monday, January 25, 2010

last week's carnage

After sharing my stories about the destruction that this rain storm caused, my friend Nate from Utah put it best...

"I'll never understand how under prepared SO CAL is for mother nature! I have a lot to learn, I know...."

It's true. It rained. It rained and it was windy. That was really it. But with lacks of proper sewers, irrigation or ANYTHING remotely related to that, our driveway flooded which then flooded our garage, and our neighbors trees decided to come out of the ground, through our fence and right next to our house, barely missing the power lines, but still scraping the house and taking out a few of our palm trees...

Leigh Anne was home during lunch when the first tree went down and heard it happen. She called the owner of the house to tell them the second one looked like it was gonna go too....well guess what, she was right and now we have a few new sections of fencing.

this is the flood that was in front of our garage and caused a river down the side of our house....there were also two rivers going THROUGH our garage on each side of the garage door.

here's the view from our neighbors yard. these are the uprooted trees

and lastly what we were greeted to when we went outside of our house.


Chris said...

Dooooood! If ya need help holler.

LandMan said...

thanks Chris. I think we got it under control now, but I might need to borrow the pan to make me feel better.