Thursday, January 14, 2010

rock n roll metal shop

Kim snapped this photo and is using it has his blog's banner right now, but I figured I would steal it and repost it here.....

a few things worth mentioning:

1. this is CECNC. Pat's shop - Cutting Edge CNC
2. also home to the Bench Mark machine shop - yes super rad dudes.
3. in this picture are the following bikes
Kim's OG Swingarm Panhead
Pat's Rigid Ironhead
my Sportster
all of which having something done to them almost every day
(what can't been seen are Pat's BSA (i believe its a bsa) and Chris's Ironhead Gooseneck death trap.
4. Chris's dreadlocks
5. me playing drums in the back of the picture with The Foothills Band.
Pat was kind enough to let us hole up here for a few weeks to get ready for a January 28th show.
6. Some prototype 70 Moto bars on my sportster.

sometimes, everything is pretty rad.

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