Monday, January 18, 2010

in the kitchen

I love cooking. I love pretty much everything about it. researching the utensils, finding great cookware, and buying fresh ingredients. the combination makes the whole experience great.

as with most things obsessive you find yourself forming alliances with certain brands. For example, I'm strictly All Clad, you won't find any calphalon in my house. not that I don't think its good product, but I've made the commitment to be an "all clad guy" whatever that means. And I try to stick to the Stainless colleciton only, although for eggs is hard to beat a non-stick equipped pan. Knives - wusthof. Even though I had to get over the fact that their logo reminded me of a swastika at first, I just fell for their simplistic designs AND their more progressive stuff. but for some of the smaller things, I love Joseph Joseph. Innovations and bright colors in their Chop 2 Pot cutting boards were what hooked me from the beginning, but lately, I've been just staring at their adjustable Rolling Pin:

so where do you stand in this all? do you think about this stuff? Maybe you like Le Creuset.....maybe you have a few pieces of Alessi goodness in your drawers....

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