Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SOLD Zildjian A Custom and A Cymbals for sale

I have a mid/late 80's Zildjian 21" A Rock Ride and an A Custom 18" Crash for sale.  Played drums with a few friends last night and realized that I'm just not going to use these anymore.

Offering them for a killer price of $120 each.  You can't beat those prices on ebay.  If you need them shipped, I'll just charge the cost, nothing extra.

Both are in great condition, just marks from handling and use.  The A Custom has the brilliant finish.  There are pics of the bells so you can see no key-holing has taken place.  They've either been on my drumset and played or in my cymbal bag.

hit me up if interested.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

SOLD The Gibson Guitar Company Case for Sale

This is a great condition 1970's era Gibson Guitar case.

Definitely fits Les Pauls, SGs, Marauders, Sonex, etc.....

$150 obo

Add this case to make your new or vintage Gibson slab of wood look the business.








Hit me up if you're interested.  Even just a cool piece to add to your collection of vintage gear, flair, room deco, whatever.  You know you want it.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I love cooking.  While I live in a city where there are amazing and endless incredible food options, I still enjoy making my meals myself.  Everything from scraping together dinner from the random box of pasta with the random sauces, marsala wine, balsamic vinegar, etc to full blown meals where you actually food shopped for, its always fun.

And I will always really enjoy shopping at Williams Sonoma.  Yeah, I know, totally domesticated.

I just saw that WS released their own line of cookware though.  I'm a die-hard All Clad fan.  We'll see how their Thermo-Clad line does with time though.  If they are producing it, it probably stands up to the other name brands.

Check out their development video here.  Yes, a lot goes into getting the cooking surface to heat consistently and to cook well as well as to be able to be cooled, cleaned are reused without falling apart for the rest of your life.  Buy the right stuff once and it will last longer than our short time here.