Thursday, May 30, 2013

new blog? combining efforts? seriously, check below

Its no surprise that instagram has sort of taken over for the instant gratification that checking blogs used to.  I mean, different animals, but who knew you could basically check all of your favorite blogs and their newest posts while taking a dump and not have to load each website separately???

Well, Chris (70moto), Tony (tall tony) and I have agreed to join forces and have a blog called, wait for it.  wait.....


Yep, so fucking crafty it hurts.  Either way, it is our cross-country collaboration of mostly our instagram posts related to motorcycles OR things that we think are blog related.  it will also give us a place to put products that we may wind up selling at some point through a bigcartel site there or whatever else.  who knows.

go over and check it out.  leave a comment if you want.

In due time, i'll probably have this blog site redirect to that one.  If you're super pissed about this change, just let me know.  BUT Chris's new 56 panshovel is coming along so nicely and if you haven't seen it, you really should.  And yes, it is a legitimate panshovel.  NOT just a generator shovel (66-69).  Its a 1956 panhead bottom end mated to shovel heads with shovelhead rocker covers.  OH, and the jugs have been punched out and the cranks stroked to have a displacement around 88" as well.  super radical!

Monday, April 1, 2013

One Week Ago

I was in Carlsbad, at the casa de boyle and bernal, we were walking on the beach and drinking outside, visiting the Taco Bell test kitchen to create custom foods, hanging in the garage, swappin', riding in 70 degree weather, and NOT working.  wow, what a difference a week can make.  Looking forward to Chris and Kim coming into town for the Brooklyn Invitational.

here's to spring coming to the east coast soon.  had a slight glimpse of it Saturday and I'm hoping its here to stay sooner than later.

Friday, March 1, 2013

wait, what???

So you're telling me that a "reconditioned" gas tank is worth the same as what some people are ditching the motor from the the same year Shovelhead for?  Someone or something has gone absolutely batty with this world...Sure, the motor may need a rebuild and will end up reconditioned as well, but wowie!

I don't know what else to say...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

SOLD Red Wing Iron Ranger Black 9.5 for sale

Yep, bought the wrong size.  I have worn them about 10 times and they are half a size too small.  I wear 10.5 sneakers.  My Red Wing 877's are 9.5 and are just the right size, but I should have bought these in a 10.  My loss.

Asking $200, which I've seen them go for that or more on ebay in this condition.  They haven't fully broken in but i've used Leather Conditioner and some Red Wing Mink Oil so they have softened to be MUCH better than a brand new stiff as hell pair.  Break them in to your feet.

You can see the condition of the outsoles and into the insoles as well.  Made in America.

Hit me up if interested and we'll make it happen.  760-213-5366 or mattlandman@gmail.com

SOLD 1981 Vintage Gibson SG Standard Walnut for sale

I am a bit of a picky person when it comes to music gear. Its true and I have no problem admitting it.  This Gibson SG is one of the best I've ever held, played, stared at and had in my possession.  BUT new motorcycle parts are a callin' so its on the selling block.

Gorgeous Walnut color, not the heritage cherry that most SG's are.  Binding all the way around the neck and square MOP inlays as well as the MOP Gibson inlay on the headstock.  It was made to the specs of the original '61 Reissues with the oversized headstock and body taper.

It also has two things that only the late 70's and early 80's SGs had.  Two features that I personally LOVE.  1) the input jack is on the side of the guitar like a Les Paul, not on the front.  This in general is a better design, at least I think so.  2) the neck is set one fret width further into the body.  You can see that other SG's have a slight gap in between the neck pickup and the neck itself.  This one, the neck starts right after the pickup which allows for a longer neck joint and makes the guitar feel a bit more compact.  Again, only this way for a few years, but 2 of the things that have always attracted me to these guitars.

The guitar is really light weight and has an acoustic tone that is honestly better than any other guitar I've owned, including my Les Paul that I'm holding on to.  (hey, I need to keep one around!)

The neck is a great 60's slim taper, but NOT the thin/wide that the new 61 reissues have, its a much more natural neck shape that comlements your hands much nicer.  It has brand new 57 Classic pickups in it as well.  Additionally has the great stock Gibson Custom style tuners not the vintage style ones.

It is in original condition. Guaranteed with ZERO neck breaks, I'm showing close ups of the back of the headstock to show this.  The wood grain is unbelievable and honestly, pictures can't capture how great this guitar is.

Asking $1600 and the black case is included.  For the same price as a new '61 reissue SG, you can buy a 32 year old version that has much better wood, much better tone and has aged perfectly.  Like anything else, guitars get better with time, the finishes settle, the wood does whatever it is going to do and the sound is always warmer, bigger and louder than a new guitar right off the production line.  Again, this guitar is 32 years old, yet looks almost new.  This does not happen very often.  Own a piece of vintage Made in America history.

I have owned 3 SG's in the past 10 years and without a doubt this one is the best one.  If you are local in NYC, I have a nice tube amp that you can plug into and play as loud or soft as you want to give it a test run.

Email or text with questions or to purchase.  mattlandman@gmail.com or 760-213-5366

this picture was taken with the flash on to show the wood grain and again show that the neck is intact, no breaks ever, no marring, no marks.

this is not the case it comes with but it shows the color of the guitar really really well.

Schott Aged Perfecto for Sale NEW

I recently purchased this Schott Perfecto 626VN at the Schott Pop-Up shop in Soho.  Made in America, New Jersey to be exact at Schott's factory, its an aged version of the classic 618 in a washed leather.  It started its life as the Perfecto 626 and is then fully washed and dried at Schott.  It is similar to the colab line they did for Barney's last year as well as the 618V1 which retails for $900 on Schott's website.  All of the hardware is aged and has really nice patina and the lining is nice and soft as well.

The only difference that was noted to me is that the version for Barneys had the Brass zippers where this one has the nickel colored one, but again since it has been washed has suck nice finish.

The size is XL, it fits tighter than a 626 in Large since it is washed and dried.  Below all of the detailed pictures of the jacket you can see a comparison of my size 40 618 Perfecto (which is the standard biker jacket fit) and this one.  About 2-2.5 inches longer and the body fits only a smidge bigger than the size 40, probably similar to a 42 without being super baggy.

Tags are in the pcket of the jacket.  They were removed, and it was only worn 3 times, not on the bike.

Asking $500 for a $650 jacket.  And again, if you compare it to the 618V1 or the Barney's edition that retail for $900, its a great deal.  mattlandman@gmail.com or text 760-213-5366

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

its snowing today...

...so I'm naturally thinking about summer time in San Diego at the Belly Up, playing with Get Your Dub On.

and this jam is running through my headphones.  Sister Nancy.  Definitely in the running for the name of the new bike.

Its just audio, but this song just makes me want to chill out.  Maybe sit on a stoop, I don't know...

Friday, January 25, 2013

69 dude......

Gentry has this '69 roller ready for you to pick up and finish up with a motor and trans.

Hit him up for the specifics at gentry@evagentry.com

He's a really nice dude and always looking to keep the chopper swapper going!

$2300 obo.  Look at the parts.  Think of the sum of the parts, then think about a one-stop shop to get them all. Everything you need for your next build is here.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Godspeed 90210

Great friend and amazing photographer Cicero deGuzman Jr. is having a show in Hollywood.

hollywood, hollywoooood..

check out his work here.  GODSPEED 45/06

If you're around the Cahuenga Blvd area or even if you're all the way on Santa Monica Blvd, hell if you're just getting out of Darque Tan on Main Street in Venice, just head on over to Hollywood.

(yes, I know that 90210 is technically Beverly Hills.....but still....)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I have a present, it is the present...

some amazing memories playing White Lightning.  I'm a firm believer that material things are just that, and we have a right to move them along in their own worlds/paths/owners and part of that system is doing so in support of other habits/material things/hobbies that we are into.

so even though I'm not going to get sentimental....I totally am, and below are pics of me and White Lightning at our Get Your Death On show with Bad Brains.  Such a memorable night, for sure a crowning achievement for the whole band.

plus, I still get to play the guitar when I want since its staying "in the family".

Thursday, January 3, 2013

every morning

I could think of worse things to work on...

....but for now, this will do.