Saturday, February 9, 2013

SOLD Red Wing Iron Ranger Black 9.5 for sale

Yep, bought the wrong size.  I have worn them about 10 times and they are half a size too small.  I wear 10.5 sneakers.  My Red Wing 877's are 9.5 and are just the right size, but I should have bought these in a 10.  My loss.

Asking $200, which I've seen them go for that or more on ebay in this condition.  They haven't fully broken in but i've used Leather Conditioner and some Red Wing Mink Oil so they have softened to be MUCH better than a brand new stiff as hell pair.  Break them in to your feet.

You can see the condition of the outsoles and into the insoles as well.  Made in America.

Hit me up if interested and we'll make it happen.  760-213-5366 or mattlandman@gmail.com

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http://www.essayservice.info/ said...

Cool shoes. It is a pity that you had to sell them. However, I know that it could be a hell to wear a half a size too small shoes all day(