Saturday, February 9, 2013

SOLD 1981 Vintage Gibson SG Standard Walnut for sale

I am a bit of a picky person when it comes to music gear. Its true and I have no problem admitting it.  This Gibson SG is one of the best I've ever held, played, stared at and had in my possession.  BUT new motorcycle parts are a callin' so its on the selling block.

Gorgeous Walnut color, not the heritage cherry that most SG's are.  Binding all the way around the neck and square MOP inlays as well as the MOP Gibson inlay on the headstock.  It was made to the specs of the original '61 Reissues with the oversized headstock and body taper.

It also has two things that only the late 70's and early 80's SGs had.  Two features that I personally LOVE.  1) the input jack is on the side of the guitar like a Les Paul, not on the front.  This in general is a better design, at least I think so.  2) the neck is set one fret width further into the body.  You can see that other SG's have a slight gap in between the neck pickup and the neck itself.  This one, the neck starts right after the pickup which allows for a longer neck joint and makes the guitar feel a bit more compact.  Again, only this way for a few years, but 2 of the things that have always attracted me to these guitars.

The guitar is really light weight and has an acoustic tone that is honestly better than any other guitar I've owned, including my Les Paul that I'm holding on to.  (hey, I need to keep one around!)

The neck is a great 60's slim taper, but NOT the thin/wide that the new 61 reissues have, its a much more natural neck shape that comlements your hands much nicer.  It has brand new 57 Classic pickups in it as well.  Additionally has the great stock Gibson Custom style tuners not the vintage style ones.

It is in original condition. Guaranteed with ZERO neck breaks, I'm showing close ups of the back of the headstock to show this.  The wood grain is unbelievable and honestly, pictures can't capture how great this guitar is.

Asking $1600 and the black case is included.  For the same price as a new '61 reissue SG, you can buy a 32 year old version that has much better wood, much better tone and has aged perfectly.  Like anything else, guitars get better with time, the finishes settle, the wood does whatever it is going to do and the sound is always warmer, bigger and louder than a new guitar right off the production line.  Again, this guitar is 32 years old, yet looks almost new.  This does not happen very often.  Own a piece of vintage Made in America history.

I have owned 3 SG's in the past 10 years and without a doubt this one is the best one.  If you are local in NYC, I have a nice tube amp that you can plug into and play as loud or soft as you want to give it a test run.

Email or text with questions or to purchase.  mattlandman@gmail.com or 760-213-5366

this picture was taken with the flash on to show the wood grain and again show that the neck is intact, no breaks ever, no marring, no marks.

this is not the case it comes with but it shows the color of the guitar really really well.

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