Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SOLD Zildjian A Custom and A Cymbals for sale

I have a mid/late 80's Zildjian 21" A Rock Ride and an A Custom 18" Crash for sale.  Played drums with a few friends last night and realized that I'm just not going to use these anymore.

Offering them for a killer price of $120 each.  You can't beat those prices on ebay.  If you need them shipped, I'll just charge the cost, nothing extra.

Both are in great condition, just marks from handling and use.  The A Custom has the brilliant finish.  There are pics of the bells so you can see no key-holing has taken place.  They've either been on my drumset and played or in my cymbal bag.

hit me up if interested.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

SOLD The Gibson Guitar Company Case for Sale

This is a great condition 1970's era Gibson Guitar case.

Definitely fits Les Pauls, SGs, Marauders, Sonex, etc.....

$150 obo

Add this case to make your new or vintage Gibson slab of wood look the business.








Hit me up if you're interested.  Even just a cool piece to add to your collection of vintage gear, flair, room deco, whatever.  You know you want it.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I love cooking.  While I live in a city where there are amazing and endless incredible food options, I still enjoy making my meals myself.  Everything from scraping together dinner from the random box of pasta with the random sauces, marsala wine, balsamic vinegar, etc to full blown meals where you actually food shopped for, its always fun.

And I will always really enjoy shopping at Williams Sonoma.  Yeah, I know, totally domesticated.

I just saw that WS released their own line of cookware though.  I'm a die-hard All Clad fan.  We'll see how their Thermo-Clad line does with time though.  If they are producing it, it probably stands up to the other name brands.

Check out their development video here.  Yes, a lot goes into getting the cooking surface to heat consistently and to cook well as well as to be able to be cooled, cleaned are reused without falling apart for the rest of your life.  Buy the right stuff once and it will last longer than our short time here.

Monday, November 19, 2012

chivalry of the now

It used to be that you could take someone out and treat them to dinner.  OR if you were busy you could treat them to a coffee as a parting little way of saying "I care".

Now, it's much simpler.

I'd like to buy you dinner, I'll just order it with my seamless app and have it delivered to you.  OR the elusive, "let me give you my seamless web login info.....order what you want....its on me."  you've earned it.


Plus, look at that logo above again.  I don't know how they did it, but you can just tell that the delivery guy doesn't speak english.....and it doesn't really matter.  I'm totally ok with it.  Let's face it, I'm a talker.  I can and do strike up conversations with the delivery guy, trying to get a smile/laugh, whatever.  But sometimes, you gotta leave the delivery people alone and in Brooklyn, they make it clear that if they are handing off your food to you, and you already paid your tip via seamless, they have no interest in you.

Its ok, I still try a little bit.

Friday, November 2, 2012

found: Historic Knobs

Found what I was looking for.

Note the in-mold numbers on the historic version.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Top Hats

the Wine Red Les Paul Standard hasn't seen much action since the last Get Your Death On show over 2 years ago other than me strumming it here and there, but I finally decided to replace the missing Tone and Volume knobs.  I have no idea where/when each one left the guitar, but I do know that with the indicators that were put on these late 80's "preissues", accidentally having the side of your hand come across one of these spikes that is unprotected by a knob sucks.  

Turns out that Gibson doesn't sell the proper Amber 24+ year aged color so its going to have to be a NOS or other brand search.  I figured I'd try the ones called vintage Gold instead of the vintage amber, but these are completely different and the numbers look to just be screen printed on versus the originals that are in mold.......Any ideas?  All Parts?  Anybody have a lead on a dude with a basement full of old guitar knobs?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

50-53 Cases Needed

Myles just scored this sweet sweet Panhead but it needs a case swap as it has a salvage title.

So, he's looking for some fucked cases, preferably 50-53, that have clean numbers.  He will then do some witchcraft.  Again, they don't have to be in runnable order, just have clean numbers.  Hit me up if you've got what we're looking for.

And, if you're thirsty and looking to have some good times, hear some great music, and ready to enjoy life in Brooklyn, check out his great spot, Lady J's on Grand Street in Williamsburg.

going through some things

in the infamous words of Master P himself.....I'm Going Through Some Things....

we got to work on the new Sportster project last night for a while.  The fun part.  Figured that I might as well tackle the wiring mess before doing anything else aesthetic.  Aes-backwards.  woah, I like that.

these bikes are the funnest

tank off, stock harness exposed and look at those handlebar switches!

Down to what is necessary:
Headlight Power, Ground, Coil wires.  4 wires from the battery up the backbone.

Garbage so far.


Bars will be narrowed about an inch on each side and the levers and master cylinder will probably be replaced during the winter.  For now though, they will get the old cut down, smooth out, thinning process.  Look at the first pic and the last one, its amazing how much better the bars look without all the stock switches on there.

Going to go with an automotive style key switch so there will be no separate momentary button.  Just key and headlight on/off.  Baby steps.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Chop Cult Feature on the Shovelhead

Head over to Chop Cult to check out a great feature they posted about the shovel.  Thank you to everyone whose hands, minds, and conversations have touched this bike. (and will continue to!)

Great pictures taken by Bill Bryant while we were on the Gypsy Run 6(66).

When I started the whole build, I wasn't sure what direction to go in.  It began by going in a very tight, narrow, low with high pegs sort of feel.  Honestly similar in feel to a combination of my old sportster, Chris's panhead, Kim's Panhead and his sportster.  (if that makes sense).  Let's be honest, I never planned to have FORWARD CONTROLS, yikes!  Then Chris found these tins at the swap and I had to have them.  From there, it was honestly wanting to build a bike that looked like a David Mann painting from the 80's issues of Easyriders magazines.  It was not to be period correct or be super hip...I mean come on, its a cone shovel, its a late 70's motor that came in a swing arm frame, with the shittiest version of Harley's 4 speed trannies, but I wanted to have a bike that reflected what people did with these bikes throughout the 80's.   It wasn't supposed to be a 60's period bike.  I'm pretty happy with what wound up "building itself".  I just need a mullet now.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


time has flown.

Miles.  Little Dude.  Sweet hat.  Almost 11 months.

although he is still young, seems like he may have my nose starting to show...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Helmet and Toolbox For Sale

First up is a barely used Old Gold Garage Daytona Helmet.  Size XXL, but is closer to most US XL sized helmets.  Black color has been slightly distressed but the inside is in pristine condition.  Word on the street is that this was used in the filming of a new movie starring Clive Owen.....true story.

Made in collaboration and by TT&Co in Japan so this is sure to be a great helmet.  Nice little finishing details like the brass strap rings and side rivet covers as well as interior.   It does have styrofoam under the padded interior like a DOT helmet rather than just the padding of most novelty helmets.  It is not DOT approved though.   I bought 2 to see which one would fit better and the other one is the winner, so this one goes to YOU.....$80

NEXT UP.  Early Harley Right Side Toolbox.  Chrome is in perfect condition on the entire outside of this piece.  Inside shows a little bit of wear but nothing bad.  No markings on the inside, but the key does have the R.B.E. (RBE) stamp of the original (old) repops, unlike the newer made ones. Hinge works perfectly and everything feels nice.
For you, $70.  Want the helmet and the toolbox? let me know.  we make deal.  you help feed family, I help you.  (insert russian accent)

email me mattlandman@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

great timing...

...to get sick.  Started feeling it on Sunday.  Felt it more Monday night.  Woke up yesterday and couldn't swallow, breathe or think.

Went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and he granted me with a cocktail of Azithromycin, Fluticasone Propionate, and Azelastine HCL.  I'll also supplement with some Zinc Acetate to get everything out of my system ASAP.  

I guess yesterday is better than me feeling this way friday.

Monday, September 17, 2012

busy (fun) week

Need to switch out the throw out bearing and oil slinger on the shovel tranny as it had an epic fail upon returning to BK after the Gypsy Run, we have Andy staying with us for the weekend, Kim coming into town Thursday as well, 6 Over NYC premier friday night, then the DicE party, then Brooklyn Invitational saturday.

And I want to get this sporty respectable by then as well.

yeah, waking up in a tent on a river in upstate NY sounds pretty good...

Friday, September 14, 2012

another sporty !

here we go again.

First night with 5 minutes.  Removed some stuff.  Threw on some old bars that will be coming off next week when I get some actual contenders into the mix that are proper height, more like 4-5 inches rather than the 8+ of these.  I just set it up how it is to get it looking different than it sat stock.  I have some good feelings about this one.

I'll keep progress pics posted here and maybe a build thread at chopcult if I get to it.

yep, 3 bikes jammed into the spots for 2.  Storage comes at a premium in this city.