Monday, September 24, 2012

Helmet and Toolbox For Sale

First up is a barely used Old Gold Garage Daytona Helmet.  Size XXL, but is closer to most US XL sized helmets.  Black color has been slightly distressed but the inside is in pristine condition.  Word on the street is that this was used in the filming of a new movie starring Clive Owen.....true story.

Made in collaboration and by TT&Co in Japan so this is sure to be a great helmet.  Nice little finishing details like the brass strap rings and side rivet covers as well as interior.   It does have styrofoam under the padded interior like a DOT helmet rather than just the padding of most novelty helmets.  It is not DOT approved though.   I bought 2 to see which one would fit better and the other one is the winner, so this one goes to YOU.....$80

NEXT UP.  Early Harley Right Side Toolbox.  Chrome is in perfect condition on the entire outside of this piece.  Inside shows a little bit of wear but nothing bad.  No markings on the inside, but the key does have the R.B.E. (RBE) stamp of the original (old) repops, unlike the newer made ones. Hinge works perfectly and everything feels nice.
For you, $70.  Want the helmet and the toolbox? let me know.  we make deal.  you help feed family, I help you.  (insert russian accent)

email me mattlandman@gmail.com

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