Friday, August 29, 2008





I've played my cards right, boy.......in casual conversation I mentioned to one of the owners of crankbrothers that I've checking out the BMC road bikes and lusting over them.  He looks at me and says, oh, I just missed a call from their distributor, I'll give him a call and see what he can do for you....

(nice of him to do, thank you Andrew)

A couple of days pass and then all of a sudden, the distributor is standing in front of me with my dream bicycle.  ok, let me rephrase.  My dream frame, my dream wheels, my dream group set.....every part is perfect and fully unaffordable.....of course I start to sweat because, well, I can't afford this.  what if he asks me to write a check?  Even with a pro form, its fully out of my meager budget.

Turns out its actually a Demo bike from last year's trade show, so its slightly used, but in perfect condition.  EVEN BETTER!  we left it that the bike is in my possession and he can't really do anything with it since its last years bike.  So, if I like it, we'll figure it out, and if for some reason he needs it back in a 'few months' he'll call me and let me know.  i.e.  its free.....


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

slacker, but not for long

its been waaaaay too long since I've updated the site...but i will be travelling again soon.  What that means is that I'll have more motivation to update the site, take pictures, and make sure my mom knows I'm alive and doing well without have to play phone tag! 

I really do love travelling and seeing the world, and I'm lucky to have a job that allows me to do these things while I work.  Unfortunately, this trip that I leave for on Sunday the 31st will be for 4 weeks.  4 Weeks without seeing my wife (well I will see her for 2 days on the third weekend of my trip), my cats, my house, my motorcycle, my desk, my california, and my favorite burrito spot Colima's....

this trip will be fun, but it will not be as good as being home...

Friday, August 15, 2008


not that i have no faith in Salt Lake City's ability to be the place where i would run into celebrities, but the caliber of person i ran into earlier this week is unprecedented. I mean, nobody was walking up to this guy in the airport....a lot of people staring and moms grabbing their children to pull them closer, but not a single person walked up to the marvel that i was looking at.

I figured I had to do it......and just my luck, my digital camera's flash just would not work.  (its not the best low light camera this side of the mason dixon).  so there i stood, right next to mr. clinton, taking the self-picture, hoping it would come out as his manager was yelling at him to hurry up and walk.

this guy looks like he is in rough shape.  eyes all bugged and puffy, barely able to speak, just bad shape, but it still made my day.....enjoy

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: George Clinton !

Friday, August 8, 2008

Portland OR A GONE

work, family, and lots of love bring me to one of my favorite cities in this amazing country.  And now we've got family living here so I feel less like I need to one day move here!  We've already worked out the house swapping agreements for when that's needed and Tom and Heather have been kind enough to let me leave a full snowboard set up at their house in exchange for leaving Tom's surfboard at our house.  done and done.

so while I was meeting with some of the crew from Cinco, Leigh was busy with her flowers.  Fortunately, The Floral LAB got hired to do the flowers for Leigh Anne's sister's wedding so we're here on a work/business trip for her and for me as well.  Here's some pics so far, and as usual, the rest are on the flickr page.

highlights so far, bicycles everywhere, BBQ at the carney residence (no rides or games), Devin's cameo appearance after riding his bike from downtown to NE 50th!, McMenamin's Edgefield, and the rehearsal at Timberline....