Thursday, December 25, 2008

new york city - loreley on rivington

so after our miracle of getting into Laguardia on friday night, we headed from Park Slope to the lower east side of manhattan to a great little German pub called Loreley.  it was mike's birthday (magic 29) and he and crew had been there since 4PM.  We arrived at around 6:30, a few beers and one road Sparks deep.  it doesn't get much more lower east side than drinking sparks in a brown bag on the F train.

me and the birthday boy

robbie G.  amazing friend and amazing designer as well

comp and lauren.  make love to the camera. 

german wonderfulness

a specific glass per each specific beer.....

i thought it was funny.  rob thought differently

starting to feel the effects

comp and rob are letting us stay at their place during our NYC adventures

2 of my favorite people.  100% high class.

the OTC reunited

not very tough

my life....picture perfect

honestly, this is a perfect look into our relationship!  so funny

Monday, December 22, 2008

new york new york

I'll be posting pics from the trip so far tonight......my camera is in brooklyn and right now I'm visiting my parents in Rockland. Back to Manhattan today to brave the high temp of 27 degrees farenheit while hitting up some old time favorite stores on Madison and meeting up with more family.

for the time being, check out this gem.

These scientists seem to have it together and know how our planet will survive.......

Thursday, December 18, 2008


man, all this rain in so cal and all i keep thinking about is getting some snow.  which brought back some memories from my trip to AK a few years back.....here's some pics down memory lane.

Nixon decided to have their sales meeting in Alyeska, Alaska which of course meant snowboarding every moment possible.  Only issue was that Mike and I were in Switzerland the week before the meeting, so we had to fly directly from Switzerland to Alaska, and by direct, I mean....Zurich -> Frankfurt, Frankfurt -> Chicago, Chicago -> SF, SF -> Anchorage....or something like that.

But once we got there, met up with the crew, we did what we had to do......

first night, just landed in Alaska on a flight from Zurich, Switzerland.  all who know me know that i WILL find a bar with karaoke and get it done.

Mr. Nelson, looking ever so 1979....its a timeless picture and overall look....

getting in some freshies.  looking up at one of the bowls we just came down.  10 people, 10 tracks and that was it...nobody else was near us.

our transportation back up the mountain all day....beats hiking, but doesn't beat the heli that just wouldn't fly due to the incoming snow

my lame-ass air, but an actual picture of me in motion which is good.  I could swear to you that it was HUUUGE!
apre shred, apre sales meeting, Dustin and I hit Anchorage off....found some rad dolphins at a playground and decided to surf.
you wouldn't even understand this move.  pure hang 5.

Friday, December 12, 2008

you gotta be kidding me...

.....the top picture is the civic looked when i was leaving from work to head home.....after that is how it looked last night after some guy decided to try to drive through my car.  the cops took him away in hand-cuffs for a DUI.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

wyld wednesday

One of my greatest memories from working at Nixon was when everyone in our crew would skate during lunch.....it didn't matter if you ripped, or sucked.  you could pull a scummy trick out and everyone would go nuts.  Nollie heel, rad.....no comply to ghost ride the skateboard to hop back on, to revert, super rad.....

we decided to bring back some sweet bunny hops at crankbrothers yesterday and get some sick footy to remind ourselves WHY we work where we do!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

riding december

ok, gotta hit the road before it gets too cold/dark

Monday, December 8, 2008

OMG! All-Clad I love you.

I love waffles.  Belgian Waffles are the best way to start any weekend morning.......and my favorite cookware company All-Clad will NOT let me down with their newest release:

All-Clad Classic Round Waffler

A breakthrough concept in waffle makers, our exclusive stainless-steel waffler creates the best we’ve ever tasted – golden, deliciously crispy on the outside and meltingly tender inside, with pockets for toppings. The secret lies in a sophisticated steam-release system that prevents condensation from building up as the waffles bake. Advanced heating technology ensures perfectly consistent baking and browning. An indicator light signals when the waffler has reached the optimal temperature, and excess batter is channeled away to simplify cleanup.

DID YOU FRIGGEN READ THAT????    Secret Steam Release System?  Amazing.  Let me repeat this line "golden, deliciously crispy on the outside and meltingly tender inside"

good cooking tools can be like macs, when the new one comes out, you feel like you just gotta get one.

And of course, available exclusively through Williams-Sonoma.

little changes are good

so I had some time in the last week or so to do some changes on the sporty.  First thing was to mount my Max Schaaf x Vans grips that came with my Mountain Editions....

so I broke out my trusty grinder, aka, Dewalt drill with cutting wheel attached to it and decided to narrow the Friscos by an inch on each side.  its funny how much you can do with what you have just sitting around.  

starting the narrowing process

so the dummy (clutch side) grip went on in a pinch, but that throttle side was not as fun/easy.  Basically, on harley's stock throttle grips, they co-mold the rubber grip to the throttle sleeve itself, so i had to shave away portions of the rubber grip in order to get down to the plastic sleeve, then it was out with the rubber mallet to pound that new throttle grip on....after 5 minutes of wondering how much damage I did, i put the key in and sure enough, after checking all vitals; headlights, throttle, brakes, everything still worked.

grip one....on.   the easy one.

next, i took some time to get my license plate bracket mounted all nicely.  Originally when I put it on, i didn't clean up all the wiring nicely, so just routed the brake light wire clean and out of the way.

license plate and tail light sidemount (huge thanks to Chris Brown)

Lastly, grinded off the extra tab that is no longer in use on my speedo, painted my little mounting plate black and cleaned it all up a bit.   

shot of the re-mounted speedo.  down low.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dirty 30

yes, its true....I'm officially 30 years old, which makes me feel fine, but probably makes my parents feel OLD as hell...... because, well, they are.  Or at least they're getting there!

I received this picture in an email from Chris over at Biltwell.  I honestly felt a little bit of throw up in my mouth from laughing so hard while trying to read the text on this t-shirt.  He bought it in Taiwan for his girlfriend.....ahhhh, its nice to know people that share the love of typos and general English nonsense on things from Asia.

is that not the most precious statement in the world?  I mean, who doesn't love "RED BUMPS ASNAKE VEINS".  I gladly accept this .jpg as a birthday present.  that's how much I love reading it.