Monday, December 8, 2008

OMG! All-Clad I love you.

I love waffles.  Belgian Waffles are the best way to start any weekend morning.......and my favorite cookware company All-Clad will NOT let me down with their newest release:

All-Clad Classic Round Waffler

A breakthrough concept in waffle makers, our exclusive stainless-steel waffler creates the best we’ve ever tasted – golden, deliciously crispy on the outside and meltingly tender inside, with pockets for toppings. The secret lies in a sophisticated steam-release system that prevents condensation from building up as the waffles bake. Advanced heating technology ensures perfectly consistent baking and browning. An indicator light signals when the waffler has reached the optimal temperature, and excess batter is channeled away to simplify cleanup.

DID YOU FRIGGEN READ THAT????    Secret Steam Release System?  Amazing.  Let me repeat this line "golden, deliciously crispy on the outside and meltingly tender inside"

good cooking tools can be like macs, when the new one comes out, you feel like you just gotta get one.

And of course, available exclusively through Williams-Sonoma.


Saul Goode said...

ill be your waffle

CPB said...

bought a waffle maker for the office at backcountry... the som'bitch is almost done-zo cause we work it like a hooker on nickel day.

WAFFLES MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER. Seriously cook some up in your office. The office is a much happier place when it smells like waffles.