Thursday, December 25, 2008

new york city - loreley on rivington

so after our miracle of getting into Laguardia on friday night, we headed from Park Slope to the lower east side of manhattan to a great little German pub called Loreley.  it was mike's birthday (magic 29) and he and crew had been there since 4PM.  We arrived at around 6:30, a few beers and one road Sparks deep.  it doesn't get much more lower east side than drinking sparks in a brown bag on the F train.

me and the birthday boy

robbie G.  amazing friend and amazing designer as well

comp and lauren.  make love to the camera. 

german wonderfulness

a specific glass per each specific beer.....

i thought it was funny.  rob thought differently

starting to feel the effects

comp and rob are letting us stay at their place during our NYC adventures

2 of my favorite people.  100% high class.

the OTC reunited

not very tough

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