Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daddillac Grilzzzz

I've been blowing it with not doing a post since December 25th...

I realize that I haven't updated this since NYC, but there's tons of stuff that has gone down...

Most importantly for now though, just check this picture of me and my dad in New York.  This was taken just after eating a nice big steak dinner (our family tradition at holiday time).  We posted up in front of his new STS.

there are many things that have changed in my life and my relationship with my dad....from arguing over things that don't matter to learning that we are the same person, BUT there are 2 things that have remained consistent with him as long as I've been alive.

1. he only drives cadillacs
2. he has the MARC L vanity license plate

super tight steez dad!

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