Wednesday, January 21, 2009

italy is sick

literally and so am I.  It seems like the flu bug that i've heard is going around california is in Europe as well.  3 Days into my trip here and i wake up with a stuffy nose...NO, no no no no, YEP.  Of course throughout the day it gets EVEN BETTER, sneeze attack, slight cough, hard to breathe, runny nose, sinus headache, can't hear, etc.

driving towards Bassano Del Grappa

Driving into Bassano

its Ray!  nah, but Euro cyclists are crazy.  it was 20 american degrees out

Lunch at the office.  IN THE OFFICE CAFETERIA, craze.

confusing toilet sitch in a restaurant.  i thought this was china only.

So here I am, stuck in meetings for 2 more full days in an office where people smoke indoors and love to meet.  meet meet meet.  It's actually important that we are doing these meetings to figure out how our global product and sourcing teams will work halfway around the world from eachother, but when you are sick, all you want to do is 'nothing'.

We could have a meeting about how everyone is getting company Lambos and I'd be all "oh....cool....wha?....don't talk to me right now.....you need an answer from me?....ummmm".

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CPB said...

The look on your face in the bathroom picture is all time!!! I miss you.