Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

the new Harley Iron 883

Hello Harley and Davidson,

While I do agree with most people that the nightster 1200 is the best looking production bike you have made, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consult with me before you release another new model that has a similar flavor.  While I do LOVE the all black engine, there are many places that you have yet again gone wrong with.  Don't go All Black and then leave the pipes silver.  Don't say there are 'drag type' bars that really aren't drag bars, just put drag bars on there.  

Also, just go ahead a make a production rigid frame.  Figure out your way around the safety standards get over the perceived comfort factor.  At least put a solo seat pan on there....gimme something here.  Your average customer is now dying and you need to try a little bit harder if you're planning on sticking it out through this economic hardship we are going to be seeing soon.

OR don't.  Keep doing what you do, because you keep tons of brands that I love in business that create the aftermarket parts that put your junk to shame.  NOT to say its all junk.  you've got some great engines and gas tanks.....really, you do.


The Stone said...

The only reason to buy an HD is for the motor, wheels, front end, and a few other odds and ends.
But that all died in 1997, for the big-twins, and 2004 for the Sporty's. There's no reason to own a factory scoot newer than these, in their respective classes.
Fuck twin-cams, and fuck rubber-mounted XL's.
I hope Harley stays alive, and I hope they sell a million of these little bastards... but, none of that shit's built for "us".

LandMan said...

go to youtube and search for "Iron 883" videos....the exploitation of "us" in pretty insane. old school helmets, vans old skool hi's, denim, flannels.....jeez. ok, their marketing dept. knows.....

The Stone said...

Yeah, I saw the video... it's pretty silly. My favorite part is how the dude looks so out of place at every "chapter" he rolls into.
I'm actually showin' 8 images at the official launch party for that bike next weekend... if you're in the hood, you should come and drink some beer on HD's dime.
With that said, I gotta be honest here...
We're the damn problem. "We" sold 'em the Steezy shit, and a huge chunk of their marketing is playin' off that and the Emerica Wild Ride. What we didn't actually sell 'em directly was modeled after our whole scene (whatever that means)... they have access to skate rags and the Jockey Journal, too.
I mean, any company needs to adapt or die, really. HD just finally realized that the greybeards they've been fighting for since the AMF recovery are dead or dying... really, I'm surprised that it took 'em this long to figure out that the 27-35 year-old crowd of ex-skaters were finally a viable demographic, and that despite our shitty hobo style, we actually DID have a little expendable income that we'd hand over pretty easily for a new thrill, y'know?
I don't know, man. I figure it like this: I've bought all the showroom Harley's I'm ever gonna buy. HD got ass-cancer in 98, and it finally killed 'em off in 04 as far as I'm concerned. Their bikes are no longer intended to be chopper fodder - they've gone to EFI, they lost the trans trap door when Sporty's went rubber, they made the full switch to Twin-Cam's... they've basically taken most of the DIY-ability out of their bikes in trade for really Japanese-y feeling covers, huge wiring harnesses and overloaded silliness that requires stealership computers or full bottom-up rebuilds to get into... they've attempted to quit losing business to the aftermarket by making things that are just too big of a pain in the ass to do yourself.
Fuck it.
I no longer consider myself a part of their demographic, anyway, because I know what I'll be riding, and none of it was built after December of 2003.
Really, though, I hope they sell a million of those little bastards. I hope there's one in every garage and that the MoCo survives for another 100 years, because as much as I sometimes hate the company, I can't imagine a life without Harley Davidson.
So let 'em do what all the smart companies do to survive - rape and exploit whatever microcosm stumbles in their path.
As for me, I'll just keep on keepin' on...

Steezy Riders said...

Ill take the tank... for free. We got played and gave them Gold for free!

Hey long winded Steven, I know why your so "busy" You have a comment on every single site I visit.

seth said...

They should pay Brock and Steven royalties on every sale.