Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pics of Rufus from home

Leigh Anne keeps me updated on Rufus by sending the best pictures of him to me.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

in the beginning ... part 2

I guess its more of a precursor to the beginning, but it leads into how/why I got the 90 to begin with. Along with Jake on that fateful day was my copilot and co-mischief at work and travel, Mike. And Mike wanted me to get this thing maybe even more than I wanted me to get it. Pretty similar to now if I hear of a friend looking to get a bike, I will usually help push them into doing it. (travis and brian, if you are reading this)

Mike moved to Encinitas via SLC and rode the funniest looking thing I'd ever seen up to that point. I didn't really know what to think of it at first. Was it cool? Was it safe? Was it street legal? I don't even know. But over time, it started to grow on me. At first, I wouldn't even think of trying to ride it, but now and then I would need late night rides home on it. Just think of two grown me on one of these things.....epic. the city folk have never been the same.

not his actual bike but a good representation of his 1974(?) Trail 90

After a while I started wanting one of my own. We started having visions of the nerdiest biker gang ever. Early morning runs to the donut shop on our way to work, late night runs to Pannikin in Del Mar for Carrot Cake and to visit Leigh Anne, mid day rides to the beach to check the waves....you know some real badass shit man...(all of which were accomplished ALOT and very happily). Sometimes, even a ride ALL THE WAY TO OCEANSIDE which seemed like a pretty long ride for the 90cc antiques. The only thing scarier than a man on a Trail 90 ripping down the road splitting lanes is TWO of these things! I'm pretty sure that I've never laughed more than when we were riding these things down the 101 barely keeping up with traffic and watching people look and try to figure out "what the.....?"

Now, he claims me getting my Trail 90 was 57% his influence and 43% my own....but it was probably closer to 70% his influence and 30% mine. Gotta give the credit where credit is due FOR SURE (read: for SHORE) and decision making has and will NEVER be one of my strong suits.

And when he does send me some pics, I'll show his Passport 70, Cub 50 and some other mean machines that he's ridden along the way.

Mike is now on a west coast road/sales trip with his family in tow. Stop over here to check out what he's got going on these days and protec' ya neck.....or knees.

Monday, March 29, 2010

in the beginning

there was my 1964 Trail 90.

Technically, the model number was a CT-200 and from what I've researched, they started using the actual engine size in the 1967 models when it became the CT90.

Jake was in town when I bought it and he drove with me to go check it out. After ripping around the guys culdesac, I handed over the $500 and rode it from east oceanside back to Encinitas. I had never ridden a motorcycle before that, didn't have my permit, and wasn't really sure how to get back to my place. Jake drove my car and followed me to make sure I didn't break down in my 40mph speed range.

This was a super fun bike. I definitely wish I still had this one. One day when I was riding it home from a little surf session, wetsuit still on, board under my arm, my neighbor offered to buy it from me because "he had a Trail 90 as his first motorcycle when he was just a boy".....he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. but totally should have. Turns out he never filed the paperwork with the DMV, so I still get the registration letters sent to me. I just filed it as non-op again and I need to take care of it when I get back from Taiwan. I sold it 3 years ago. Maybe I'll just report it as stolen and get it back...hmmm.......

Saturday, March 27, 2010

wrinkle black

I miss the wrinkle black coating that my last sportster's engine had. Loved the lines on this final version that the bike had. Seems that Harley realized a good thing and after canceling this finish after the 06 models, they have brought it back heavily since. I believe the nightsters in 07 had a grey wrinkle coating...

Hopefully Loyd is taking care of the bike and riding it everyday.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


after seeing Kim's post over here, and then thinking about choppers and making a comment there, I immediately hopped over to youtube to find this clip.

the dialogue in this scene is amazing. it all happens so fast, and I think that's what makes it so natural and real. think about the last time your significant other was asking you questions that you really didn't have the time to answer, or time to get into the details.

looking back

July 19, 2008
mi casa
Vista, CA

Jason*, Carter, myself**, and Aaron get ready while Leigh Anne watches me in fright...

Long before I had met Chris who would eternally help me make my bike look better and Kim would would never let me live down that my bike wasn't perfect enough*** or Pat who now is working on my rent invoice, we had a pretty good little crew of motorcycle rebels that rode around town.

Little did I know that I was headed to a Biltwell sponsored event and I would soon be rocking a bunch of Biltwell products and riding with Jason who it would turn out has known Kim for years. I guess its a small world.

and don't worry, I owe alot of credit to Jake and Dustin who are not pictured above but were with us on that day and also were HUGE helping hands in making working on motorcycles and riding them way more fun.

*Jason, get another bike already....you're only hurting yourself by not having one
**note my sweet turn signals on that stock 883R! truly XL. and the sweet right hand/left foot clutch/shift combo.
***while continuing to inspire me to notice the little details that separate the good from the great builds/parts/fabrication.

giving the "you're dead" sign to Carter's bike for the 3rd time that morning.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Condition Yourself

Now available in t-shirt form. If you get it, then you should get one.

go check it out

Saturday, March 20, 2010

java press decided upon

headed to my local REI with Rufus to explore their options for my quest for the travel french press. They had a good selection of stainless ones, but they were either too big (8 cups) or too small (one travel mug in total size = half a mug of coffee). The nice employee who let me bring Rufus in with me recommended that I check out the GSI Java Press. It is made of plastic (wasn't stoked at first, BUT its durable) and has insulating sleeves, aka koozies...

The unit has 2 cups, one is the larger 20 oz Press container that has the plunger, filter and lid and then a separate 17 oz Mug that has its own sippy lid and koozie as well.

The nicest part is that for packing and traveling everything disassembles quickly and easily and fits inside the mug and the mug goes inside the press container for a nice compact package.

We'll see how the koozies hold up to getting any runoff of coffee spilled on them and then how my favorite coffee tastes in the plastic containers, but I think it will work well. As I encounter any issues, I'll post about them. I'm also looking forward to taking this little unit camping this summer. A good french press and some powdered coffee mate and I'm happy enough.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

coffee when travelling...

I'm leaving tomorrow, March 19, on yet another whirlwind development trip to Taiwan. One of the Best things about travelling as much as I do for work is getting to see the world, getting really familiar with places far away so they feel more like a home away from home (minus the things I love like my wife, cats, dog, music instruments, motorcycle projects, house, etc...).

One of the WORST things is the coffee in Taiwan.....ugh, drip coffee is like fucking tar over there. SO, this time around, I'm heading to Frazier Farms to get a pound or two of my favorite Fair Trade Organic Blend all ground up and I'm bringing a French Press with me. All of the hotel rooms have hot pots for making hot water for tea, so that part is easy. The hard part is picking out a 'travel french press'. I already have the Bodum Chambord for home and its a bit too fragile and big to travel with so now I need to explore my options, AND make a decision today. I figure between REI for the full Stainless Steel options and Target for some of the other Bodum options I can do this.

Of course, I'd love to have the Frieling piece shown in one of the pics below, but its overkill for what I need and the abuse it will get in my suitcase checked in on the airplane.

Bodum Brazil - nice bright colors. need to check durability

Planetary Design

Bodum Chambord

simple Camping version

Frieling 35 ounce

Friday, March 12, 2010


like kraftwerk, but totally different.

check it out over here.

fixing the gnarly 1/4" plate and tons o' weld that had been graciously deposited onto the neck of the 58 frame.....

at this point, just gonna take the plates out since the previous owner has confirmed the center tab of the original casting IS under the plates. From there.....well, we'll make it look alot prettier than it did when I took it home last week.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

yes, a roller

a few things to note:

no, it will NOT stay with a black gas tank
yes, there will be more parts on it
maybe it will be safe
(I don't think Boyle will let me ride it unless it passes his safety exam)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010

Soul Control

I've known Eric for years.....for almost 15 years now actually. We played in a band called The Secret Handshake back when we were in college in Rhode Island. Now there is another band called The Secret Handshake that pretty much sucks, which is a bummer. I did allow them the rights to use the name though after our band was split up and done. Anyways....he plays in an amazing hardcore band now and you should check them out. SOUL CONTROL

Eric hits me up on ichat today about how had just gotten hit by a car. Here is the e-conversation:

you got hit by a car?
in your car or walking?

yeah man, lady backed right into me

didnt hit me hard, but knocked me off balance

12:51 PM
so i knocked on her window, and she rolled it down and was like "can i help you" like a total bitch
i was like " you should watch where you're going, you just hit me with your car"
she says "i didn't hit you you piece of shit. shut the fuck up"


so i showed her the right side of my body that was covered in dirt from her car hitting me

and she just starts swearing at me and calling me a piece of shit

so i'm like "look lady, if you want, i can call the cops and sue the fuck out of you, because you just hit me in a fucking crosswalk. if that's what you want, keep yelling. otherwise, shut the fuck up and drive away."

she rolled up her window and drove away

and i mailed my netflix
1:53 PM
Direct Instant Message session ended
momentousmoments has gone offline.