Saturday, March 20, 2010

java press decided upon

headed to my local REI with Rufus to explore their options for my quest for the travel french press. They had a good selection of stainless ones, but they were either too big (8 cups) or too small (one travel mug in total size = half a mug of coffee). The nice employee who let me bring Rufus in with me recommended that I check out the GSI Java Press. It is made of plastic (wasn't stoked at first, BUT its durable) and has insulating sleeves, aka koozies...

The unit has 2 cups, one is the larger 20 oz Press container that has the plunger, filter and lid and then a separate 17 oz Mug that has its own sippy lid and koozie as well.

The nicest part is that for packing and traveling everything disassembles quickly and easily and fits inside the mug and the mug goes inside the press container for a nice compact package.

We'll see how the koozies hold up to getting any runoff of coffee spilled on them and then how my favorite coffee tastes in the plastic containers, but I think it will work well. As I encounter any issues, I'll post about them. I'm also looking forward to taking this little unit camping this summer. A good french press and some powdered coffee mate and I'm happy enough.


LandMan said...

after this morning's test....it does work. and it works well. I'm only bummed on the fact that its just not a sexy product. form AND function is what I love, and this one is mostly just function.

..sh said...

I've had it for a year now, great press just don't grind it to fine or you get mud.

LandMan said...

good call on that....I luckily went with coarse grounds for this trip! I was staring at the grinder at the store where I get my beans and I was like....."hmmm, its not espresso or filter....coarse?"