Monday, March 29, 2010

in the beginning

there was my 1964 Trail 90.

Technically, the model number was a CT-200 and from what I've researched, they started using the actual engine size in the 1967 models when it became the CT90.

Jake was in town when I bought it and he drove with me to go check it out. After ripping around the guys culdesac, I handed over the $500 and rode it from east oceanside back to Encinitas. I had never ridden a motorcycle before that, didn't have my permit, and wasn't really sure how to get back to my place. Jake drove my car and followed me to make sure I didn't break down in my 40mph speed range.

This was a super fun bike. I definitely wish I still had this one. One day when I was riding it home from a little surf session, wetsuit still on, board under my arm, my neighbor offered to buy it from me because "he had a Trail 90 as his first motorcycle when he was just a boy".....he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. but totally should have. Turns out he never filed the paperwork with the DMV, so I still get the registration letters sent to me. I just filed it as non-op again and I need to take care of it when I get back from Taiwan. I sold it 3 years ago. Maybe I'll just report it as stolen and get it back...hmmm.......

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