Tuesday, March 30, 2010

in the beginning ... part 2

I guess its more of a precursor to the beginning, but it leads into how/why I got the 90 to begin with. Along with Jake on that fateful day was my copilot and co-mischief at work and travel, Mike. And Mike wanted me to get this thing maybe even more than I wanted me to get it. Pretty similar to now if I hear of a friend looking to get a bike, I will usually help push them into doing it. (travis and brian, if you are reading this)

Mike moved to Encinitas via SLC and rode the funniest looking thing I'd ever seen up to that point. I didn't really know what to think of it at first. Was it cool? Was it safe? Was it street legal? I don't even know. But over time, it started to grow on me. At first, I wouldn't even think of trying to ride it, but now and then I would need late night rides home on it. Just think of two grown me on one of these things.....epic. the city folk have never been the same.

not his actual bike but a good representation of his 1974(?) Trail 90

After a while I started wanting one of my own. We started having visions of the nerdiest biker gang ever. Early morning runs to the donut shop on our way to work, late night runs to Pannikin in Del Mar for Carrot Cake and to visit Leigh Anne, mid day rides to the beach to check the waves....you know some real badass shit man...(all of which were accomplished ALOT and very happily). Sometimes, even a ride ALL THE WAY TO OCEANSIDE which seemed like a pretty long ride for the 90cc antiques. The only thing scarier than a man on a Trail 90 ripping down the road splitting lanes is TWO of these things! I'm pretty sure that I've never laughed more than when we were riding these things down the 101 barely keeping up with traffic and watching people look and try to figure out "what the.....?"

Now, he claims me getting my Trail 90 was 57% his influence and 43% my own....but it was probably closer to 70% his influence and 30% mine. Gotta give the credit where credit is due FOR SURE (read: for SHORE) and decision making has and will NEVER be one of my strong suits.

And when he does send me some pics, I'll show his Passport 70, Cub 50 and some other mean machines that he's ridden along the way.

Mike is now on a west coast road/sales trip with his family in tow. Stop over here to check out what he's got going on these days and protec' ya neck.....or knees.

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LandMan said...

I just re-read this post. and I realized that I should have put partner in work and travel and life instead of co-pilot, but then i would have said partner in life....or life partner. that made me laugh. although life partners can get married now....