Monday, March 1, 2010

Soul Control

I've known Eric for years.....for almost 15 years now actually. We played in a band called The Secret Handshake back when we were in college in Rhode Island. Now there is another band called The Secret Handshake that pretty much sucks, which is a bummer. I did allow them the rights to use the name though after our band was split up and done. Anyways....he plays in an amazing hardcore band now and you should check them out. SOUL CONTROL

Eric hits me up on ichat today about how had just gotten hit by a car. Here is the e-conversation:

you got hit by a car?
in your car or walking?

yeah man, lady backed right into me

didnt hit me hard, but knocked me off balance

12:51 PM
so i knocked on her window, and she rolled it down and was like "can i help you" like a total bitch
i was like " you should watch where you're going, you just hit me with your car"
she says "i didn't hit you you piece of shit. shut the fuck up"


so i showed her the right side of my body that was covered in dirt from her car hitting me

and she just starts swearing at me and calling me a piece of shit

so i'm like "look lady, if you want, i can call the cops and sue the fuck out of you, because you just hit me in a fucking crosswalk. if that's what you want, keep yelling. otherwise, shut the fuck up and drive away."

she rolled up her window and drove away

and i mailed my netflix
1:53 PM
Direct Instant Message session ended
momentousmoments has gone offline.


Jarel said...

badass gloves. Where can i get a set like that?


LandMan said...

i'll find out...

LandMan said...

Jarel, I emailed you the link.