Monday, September 24, 2012

Helmet and Toolbox For Sale

First up is a barely used Old Gold Garage Daytona Helmet.  Size XXL, but is closer to most US XL sized helmets.  Black color has been slightly distressed but the inside is in pristine condition.  Word on the street is that this was used in the filming of a new movie starring Clive Owen.....true story.

Made in collaboration and by TT&Co in Japan so this is sure to be a great helmet.  Nice little finishing details like the brass strap rings and side rivet covers as well as interior.   It does have styrofoam under the padded interior like a DOT helmet rather than just the padding of most novelty helmets.  It is not DOT approved though.   I bought 2 to see which one would fit better and the other one is the winner, so this one goes to YOU.....$80

NEXT UP.  Early Harley Right Side Toolbox.  Chrome is in perfect condition on the entire outside of this piece.  Inside shows a little bit of wear but nothing bad.  No markings on the inside, but the key does have the R.B.E. (RBE) stamp of the original (old) repops, unlike the newer made ones. Hinge works perfectly and everything feels nice.
For you, $70.  Want the helmet and the toolbox? let me know.  we make deal.  you help feed family, I help you.  (insert russian accent)

email me mattlandman@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

great timing...

...to get sick.  Started feeling it on Sunday.  Felt it more Monday night.  Woke up yesterday and couldn't swallow, breathe or think.

Went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and he granted me with a cocktail of Azithromycin, Fluticasone Propionate, and Azelastine HCL.  I'll also supplement with some Zinc Acetate to get everything out of my system ASAP.  

I guess yesterday is better than me feeling this way friday.

Monday, September 17, 2012

busy (fun) week

Need to switch out the throw out bearing and oil slinger on the shovel tranny as it had an epic fail upon returning to BK after the Gypsy Run, we have Andy staying with us for the weekend, Kim coming into town Thursday as well, 6 Over NYC premier friday night, then the DicE party, then Brooklyn Invitational saturday.

And I want to get this sporty respectable by then as well.

yeah, waking up in a tent on a river in upstate NY sounds pretty good...

Friday, September 14, 2012

another sporty !

here we go again.

First night with 5 minutes.  Removed some stuff.  Threw on some old bars that will be coming off next week when I get some actual contenders into the mix that are proper height, more like 4-5 inches rather than the 8+ of these.  I just set it up how it is to get it looking different than it sat stock.  I have some good feelings about this one.

I'll keep progress pics posted here and maybe a build thread at chopcult if I get to it.

yep, 3 bikes jammed into the spots for 2.  Storage comes at a premium in this city.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Welding up the Triumph Seat Loop

Jimmy Dean hit me up that he discovered a crack in the seat loop area of his 76 Triumph so I offered to weld it back up for him.  Luckily its not a critical part of the frame so it was a really fast and easy fix.  Clean, Weld, move, Weld, Grind, Wire Wheel, Clean, Paint, Ride Home.

any time that I get to use and practice with this mig welder is a good time.  Getting more and more used to it.  Just need to keep that wire moving slowly.

Gypsy Run 6

Had some great times.

Rode the bike from BK to Manhattan for my work day.
Left work in MH at 6:30pm
FINALLY got over the GWB at 8:00pm
Rode to Phoenicia solo mission style and arrived at the campsite at 10:15pm
Woke up at 6:00am and had breakfast, took some photos, laughed with great people.
Hit the road at 10:00am
Rode to blah blah blah

All these pics were on my instagram, so its nothing new.  just fun.

Look, the bike ran great.  2 sets of plugs, one front exhaust bolt, a points cover removal, and we were golden.   I had an amazing time.  Fuck, everyone did.  There was some rain, some camping and Walter and crew did an incredible job organizing it all.

Thank you!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday - See you at Indian Larry's

So stoked for this weekend.  Gearing up and getting ready.

Even if you're not going on the run, head over to the Gypsy Run website and download the run books. Both versions.  Just a great way to get it all organized.

East Coast Gypsy Run

and in the words of Walter himself:


and i'm wondering if this stranger will be back in town for the ride.....