Monday, December 28, 2009

i totally cheated on my cats

but how could you blame me?

Say hello to Rufus:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

GET YOUR DUB ON - Tonight @ the belly up

as we play rhythms that will leave you feeling good about life during this holiday season.

why was the grinch green? cause he loved the dub and the weed. (ok, that was stupid....)

check out the details here

sportscenter entertainment

ESPN's sportscenter has some of the best commercials on TV. And they really don't get the hype that they deserve. They're so stocked full of humor and wit that they just make me laugh and never cease to entertain.

This one is currently my favorite:

turn it up. its great.

Sunday, December 20, 2009



Glove Warmers in Victorville

Baker 53 degrees

Starting to get a bit warmer.

Last time I rode past this sign it was reading 106 on the Bolts/Burton
sales meeting ride.

So to break it down, it's half of that temperature now.

Slow Go So Far

First stop, Primm

It's cold. Biting cold. Fingers are freezing. Stopped to layer up. Put
on the burton base layer bottoms and gonna head back out there.

Leaving Las Vegas

Elevator ride to the garage. Weather report last said 39 degrees.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Self Park

Quick Pick after coffee chug

Update and Correction

Ok so when I last stopped, i was almost to Victorville. The next
major city was Barstow. I was all mixed up withthecities with the B's.

So again I had to hit the reserve but this time the sign said: Baker
45 miles. Big uh oh. No way I'm gonna make it that far in reserve.
Lucky there's this nice little double priced gas stop about 13 miles
before Baker.

Second Real Gad Stop

Filled up at the house then hit the road. Made it to the sign that
said Barstow 27 miles and had to hit the reserve. Shit. Will I make
it? Luckily the chevron at the mountain high exit approached! Sweet.

First Fuel Up


> Gotta start the day right...

solo mission...

...out to vegas today. Its the annual mancation trip to Vegas that my brother and a few of his friends do each year and since I haven't seen them in a while and won't be heading back east for the holidays, I decided it was worth it to head out for a day or two. And what better way to get there? ride. I'll be leaving hopefully right around 9 or 9:30 this morning and if I can get my email blog update working, will be updating every hour or so of the voyage.

I can only make it 100 miles in between gas station stops so that will at least keep me sane.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

routine. jet lag. oil change. maintenance. updates

so last night was a great night. a bunch of us headed to the VEC for some bowling/pizza party action for Alicia's birthday and then proceeded onto the Turf Room (the bar behind my house) for some more drinks and karaoke....

I was hoping that I would just get drunk and then that would put me to sleep to beat the jet lag. BUT instead, I got home, the jetlag kicked in making me feel like it was 5PM instead of 1AM. So there I was, drunk as hell, and WIDE AWAKE while its pouring rain outside and Leigh Anne going to sleep.

so I just preheated the oven, and myself some dinner.....

today, woke up around 11:30 feeling fine. Leigh had some floral lab stuff to do, so I finally got around to giving the bike the needed oil change and transmission/primary fluid change it needed. Runs like a champ now and snapped a few update pics:

that last picture is showing the final result of my rewiring I did of the bike. an on/off switch, on/off/on switch, and a momentary switch later and the bike runs and I still have my high/low beam. super fantastic.

I'm going to work on a better seat mounting scenario later this week and hopefully get some pipes made up soon. just in time for me to tear it all down and start again I'm sure...

Friday, December 11, 2009


word on the street is that Chris broke into my garage and started on my hardtail or not hardtail modified swingarm sportster bobber/not bobber with chrome or not chromed at all project while I was gone....at least that's what he might or might not have emailed me.

what? I dunno...

If you missed my birthday, no worries....its not too forgone, and the winter holidays are approaching. So if you're looking for a great gift to chip in for me, just go here:

'52 Pan Shovel

Thanks everyone.....I promise I'll build a killer bike.

oh and i'm heading home from Taiwan tomorrow morning, so don't worry about gift wrapping it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

cuts through your brain like a knife...

that's the only way i can think to describe what the food scenario smells like here in Taiwan at the 7-11's. It's so odd and pungent and specific and painful and spicy and bitter and terrible...and everywhere.

I can only imagine that it is the equivalent of what a taquito and johnsonville brat smell like to a taiwanese person....every morning I tell myself, "matt, just don't inhale when you walk into or past the store....." but I can't not do it.....

savor the flavour

here comes the brand new flavor in you ear......

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

need some inspiration..?

well, i'm just tired. no time or energy for inspiration right now.....what I needed was to just laugh. and Jon B. came through.

start with this fucking gem right here:

now head here and just laugh your balls off....

i'm a cat owner so maybe i think its funnier than other people.......

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Chances are you have one....maybe even two.....you ever walk down the street and swear you saw yourself? or hear hey I saw you in New York City this weekend, but when I waved you just kept walking....?

well upon going to Sam and Kelli's wedding, it happened to me.

definition here

pictures below of me and mr. Nik Ewing......he even knew my dance moves.....

yes he's a musician as well, and yes we will start a band.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

birthday day in Taiwan

Being away from home is weird for days that matter. Especially when you're a day ahead than you would be if you were home. Besides working from 8am to 8pm straight through with one of my favorite (re: pain in the ass vendors) it was a good day filled with the following:

SUUUUPER Generic Cake during the morning meeting
work, argue, work, argue
a stop at a helmet store
my vendors know my obsession with motorcycles and especially the helmets here and while I'm not a fan of accepting gifts from vendors (i usually say "you want to get me something nice? ship my samples/production on time") unfortunately its easier for them to buy gifts than move products out of their own factories in a timely manner
BUT, i digress....they did hook me up with an amazing light blue sparkle and a matte green w/tan edge strip helmet.
I'm stoked.
then at the end of the night when I got back to my hotel room a nice card and another cake awaited me.

not too bad.