Wednesday, December 2, 2009

birthday day in Taiwan

Being away from home is weird for days that matter. Especially when you're a day ahead than you would be if you were home. Besides working from 8am to 8pm straight through with one of my favorite (re: pain in the ass vendors) it was a good day filled with the following:

SUUUUPER Generic Cake during the morning meeting
work, argue, work, argue
a stop at a helmet store
my vendors know my obsession with motorcycles and especially the helmets here and while I'm not a fan of accepting gifts from vendors (i usually say "you want to get me something nice? ship my samples/production on time") unfortunately its easier for them to buy gifts than move products out of their own factories in a timely manner
BUT, i digress....they did hook me up with an amazing light blue sparkle and a matte green w/tan edge strip helmet.
I'm stoked.
then at the end of the night when I got back to my hotel room a nice card and another cake awaited me.

not too bad.


Motorradfahrer said...

Wow! Awesome looking helmet store! Kid in a candy store?

LandMan said...

yep pretty much. its crazy over here.