Monday, November 30, 2009

from above the clouds to flying through them

look at that view.....that was what we got to see all day Saturday up at Timberline on Mt. Hood. It was a gorgeous sunny and warm (30 degrees f) day and we head a good crew on the mountain. Just look how happy my lovely wife looks in that picture! It's an amazing thing driving up the mountain through what seems to be a cloudy day and then having it clear up as you park, only to get on the chairlift and turnaround to see that you are ABOVE the cloud line.....forget above the treeline

and now......back to work
after a great little Thanksgiving holiday filled with micro brews and tons of food along with some snurf action at Mt. Hood, I'm back in Taiwan for a few weeks worth of grinding....

In this first week, I'll be pushing to approve preproduction samples one by one of all the goods while trying to get the full quantities of the sample order by this weekend when our little trade show starts.

Then next week, it'll be finishing up what couldn't get done this week and then dialing in packaging and starting some tooling on the next bunch of projects.

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