Monday, November 23, 2009

CB 350 K4

This is my dad's CB and probably the reason I like motorcycles so much. But it took a long time to hit me. As I kid I would see this in the garage and not really think twice about it. It wasn't ever running from what I can remember once I turned 8 or so and it was way to high for me to be able to just climb up onto. BUT it was always there.

It wasn't until I moved to soCal that I realized why a motorcycle was a good idea. Sunny, warm weather 10 months a year, barely any rain and tons of fun little back road with hidden watering holes....

I just got his front wheel re-laced and trued at Buchanan's Spoke and Rim and they are true pros. Not even a question from me. Just put it in a box with a handwritten note and when they received it, they gave me a call and within a week, it was done, tire mounted and balanced and on its way back to Brooklyn for my dad to put it back on the bike.

Now all he needs is a new battery (he thinks that should fix it...) because for some reason the orginal 35 year old battery isn't holding a charge.....yeah, a new battery will probably be good...hopefully the points and voltage regulator are good as well, but time will tell. Since rebuilding it in the past 5 years it only got ridden a few times each year, so it needs a bit of love. It needs to be back running again in the spring so when I visit NY I can come and grab it for the week!


BCM said...

a battery & some windows bars.

LandMan said...

haha boyle! shouldn't you be spending less time on the internet and more on that pan?