Wednesday, October 29, 2008

curtains, my friends

so, we're hanging our last set of curtains at that house tonight.  pretty big accomplishment I think.  its nerve racking, spending money on things like that.  I mean, $250 on stuff that is for fun, clothing, music instruments, flower stuff, clothing, motorcycle helmets, leather jackets, clothing or any other fun stuff (haha), it would be fine, but on CURTAINS???  just not fun.  practical, yes.  

wait till Leigh sees the set I got though....

But this reminded me of an amazing band and a great album title.....Piebald's If it weren't for venetian blinds, it would be curtains for us all....

I would say Piebald were ahead of their time, but I don't know if that's true.  Maybe it was the right time, but from that time until now, people couldn't handle trying to grow with bands as they grow..........It was such a damn good album and a good time to be into music in New England.  also, it could've been that they just plain sucked too.

It looks like they might be breaking up now....or not, it seems like they were always on the verge of not being a band anymore, but hey, what do i know?

Friday, October 24, 2008

wtf...its the weekend, baby

This will be a 4 for Friday update:

1) I can't wait to spend time with my wife this weekend, even if it will only be Sunday.

2) the John Foothills Band has a show tomorrow night at the Ken Club in San Diego with the Donkeys (SD) and Norman (Portland, OR)

3) happy 'hit a jew day'....yes, this news story is for real.  what is this world coming to?  the parents are the ones who should be punished here, not the kids.

4) Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8.  This is a big deal for a corporation to be so politically charged.  Personally, I'm with them.  Will YES on 8 people stop buying or using their macs?  They are using a pro-gay marriage machine, you know.....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ongoing projects are the best kind

Chris stopped by to check out the sportster to get some measurements for a new seat that he's got cooking up.  Turns out my bike won't work with the current design that he got going on, but still it should work with the mid and late 90's models.

Most Importantly though was the fact that I got to check out one of his amazing bikes.  This one is great.  check out all the little bits going on, especially the knotted up pipes.  

I'm loving the gas tank graphics as well...super clean and geometric.

super good dudes are hard to find sometimes, and chris is definitely one of them....

Monday, October 20, 2008

doin' it, doin' it and doin' it... differently

Went to the worst place on earth today.  The place that everyone loathes.  At least everyone in California.  


It is "the DMV"

But overall a successful trip, renewed some stuff, changed an address here and there and on my way out I saw this fine piece of machinery.  As I was snapping this picture I met its owner and the owner/builder of the company that made the bike, Matt.  His company is called 13 Choppers and they make Ducati chopped bikes.  

Jake, if you are reading this, there is hope for your lonely Ducati that is collecting dust in the garage.  Not that you'd actually want to do this to your bike, but hey, its an option after you finish messing with the sportie and need a new project.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Biltwell Inc

speaking of motorcycles, I just got done putting some Biltwell Frisco bars on my bike.  Its looking pretty cool.  I may have to paint or powdercoat them black one day, but for now, its looking good.

head on over to Biltwell's website to see a few photos that they posted.

Broke Down...

what a night last night.  there's this unspoken thing that goes along with owning motorcycles that makes you realize that at some point, you will be riding and the next moment you bike WILL be broken.  there's always something when it comes to motorcycles.

8:00 am - leave for work from Vista to Laguna Beach
8:12 am - gas up and realize I left my iPhone home 
1:00 pm - Relocate my Speedo to the side of my gas tank during lunch
5:15 pm - get on my motorcycle and start my commute home
5:30 pm - bike starts backfiring on the coast hwy
5:40 pm - bike is dead.  starts, then the check engine light comes on, backfires and dies
5:45 pm - sweating, no retail stores in sight
5:46 pm - oil level is low, maybe its oil
6:00 pm - walk to an auto garage and buy a quart of oil
6:15 pm - walking back to motorcycle and a co-worker happens to see me walking
6:30 pm - try to start the bike again with oil. still dead
6:45 pm - Christina (co-worker and at this point BFF) takes me to her friends house that she was heading to for a dinner party
7:00 pm - call insurance company to get a tow truck
7:45 pm - insurance company tells me no tow trucks will pick up a motorcycle this late
8:00 pm - the host of the party tells me he rides motorcycles
8:01 pm - we talk electrical issues, my problem could be a short
8:10 pm - i realize my seat pan is resting on a wiring harness
8:15 pm - go back to bike and check philosophy
8:20 pm - jam empty oil container under seat to avoid hitting wiring harness
8:30 pm - bike starts and is running
8:45 pm - start to head home
8:50 pm - pull over and get sick (upset stomache and nausea from trying not to stress I think)
9:30 pm - get home

In a strange way, the whole experience was amazing.  The chance that a co-worker would drive by and STOP for me, then bring me to her friends house that she was heading to and is only 1 block away, let me use her cell phone, the fact that the guy who lives at the house has owned harleys and has experience with their electrical issues, and then the fact that i didn't have to pay for a tow truck or deal with all of that today.........not too bad.

Friday, October 10, 2008



I miss the days of going to basement shows and seeing the hardcore kids thinking that they are still at a hardcore show even though the bands that are playing are no longer playing that type of music.  I was really fortunate to have an amazing crew of friends in Rhode Island who showed me the ropes, introduced me to a lot of hardcore music, and gave me an education.  They also taught me how to be at a show and avoid getting punched in the face or kicked in the stomache.

The move above though, was probably fully unavoidable.

*credit to TJ for the photo

the best stuff inside

Everyone has goals and dreams....I remember one day talking to Devin Ryan and Will Redd about how awesome it would be open a store that carries EVERYTHING that the regular, joe schmo schmucky character would buy the day before they head to Vegas.

It would be called "I'm going to Las Vegas Tomorrow", and it would smell of rayon and silk and floral hawaiian prints and bolo ties and white suit jackets and linen pants and cuban cut shirts and cigars and cigarettes and keychains.  but that's it.  Just enough so that when you get to the check in desk at Harrah's, the girl helping you out knows....she knows this guy is serious.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


jeeeez louise.   Come ON America.  Do you believe this guy?  I sure don't.  

At least on a light note Leigh and I came up with a drinking game called:


here's how you play;
every time John McCain says "my friends", you drink.....

that's it.  24 minutes in and one 6 pack down and we knew this was a keeper for the tivo.


This road trip was super fun.  I don't really want to ride my bike, but I just keep thinking about all the little changes I can make to it.....taller handlebars, forward controls, new bike.....haha

The 3 Amigos....with Dustin being the only one looking like an 'amigo' here.

Man, its pretty funny that all of us are riding the same size motorcycle, yet they have such different appearances.  Color, bars, paint, rider's gut...  There are a few modifications that have been done to each of our bikes, but the overall size is the same.

Monday, October 6, 2008


So, we did it.....last minute decisions and all.  

Life changing visions, moving with free will, experiences, bonding.....these are the reasons you go on a road trip.

Frustration, freezing, sweating, running low on fuel, stressing, sleeping, NOT sleeping, not being able to talk, then going absolutely loopy when you finally do...... these are the things you experience on a road trip on a motorcycle.

But, all in all, its about the stories, right?  Being that I was traveling with 2 other people who do a great job at documenting it all, I decided to take no pictures and direct everyone to their blogs.  I'm sure each of us will have different narrations of the same events, but all in all, I would say that I'm equally looking forward to updating my site this week as I am to check their websites.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

maybe, just maybe

it is easier to update this thing when I'm on the road....when I'm home I just don't do it.....I think about it, and then bam!, night falls, and I fall asleep.  then the day starts and I think about it and nothing.....repeat.

well, this weekend there's some fun stuff going on in Arizona if you're riding your mo'bike through the state.