Friday, October 24, 2008

wtf...its the weekend, baby

This will be a 4 for Friday update:

1) I can't wait to spend time with my wife this weekend, even if it will only be Sunday.

2) the John Foothills Band has a show tomorrow night at the Ken Club in San Diego with the Donkeys (SD) and Norman (Portland, OR)

3) happy 'hit a jew day'....yes, this news story is for real.  what is this world coming to?  the parents are the ones who should be punished here, not the kids.

4) Apple is publicly opposing Proposition 8.  This is a big deal for a corporation to be so politically charged.  Personally, I'm with them.  Will YES on 8 people stop buying or using their macs?  They are using a pro-gay marriage machine, you know.....

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