Thursday, October 16, 2008

Broke Down...

what a night last night.  there's this unspoken thing that goes along with owning motorcycles that makes you realize that at some point, you will be riding and the next moment you bike WILL be broken.  there's always something when it comes to motorcycles.

8:00 am - leave for work from Vista to Laguna Beach
8:12 am - gas up and realize I left my iPhone home 
1:00 pm - Relocate my Speedo to the side of my gas tank during lunch
5:15 pm - get on my motorcycle and start my commute home
5:30 pm - bike starts backfiring on the coast hwy
5:40 pm - bike is dead.  starts, then the check engine light comes on, backfires and dies
5:45 pm - sweating, no retail stores in sight
5:46 pm - oil level is low, maybe its oil
6:00 pm - walk to an auto garage and buy a quart of oil
6:15 pm - walking back to motorcycle and a co-worker happens to see me walking
6:30 pm - try to start the bike again with oil. still dead
6:45 pm - Christina (co-worker and at this point BFF) takes me to her friends house that she was heading to for a dinner party
7:00 pm - call insurance company to get a tow truck
7:45 pm - insurance company tells me no tow trucks will pick up a motorcycle this late
8:00 pm - the host of the party tells me he rides motorcycles
8:01 pm - we talk electrical issues, my problem could be a short
8:10 pm - i realize my seat pan is resting on a wiring harness
8:15 pm - go back to bike and check philosophy
8:20 pm - jam empty oil container under seat to avoid hitting wiring harness
8:30 pm - bike starts and is running
8:45 pm - start to head home
8:50 pm - pull over and get sick (upset stomache and nausea from trying not to stress I think)
9:30 pm - get home

In a strange way, the whole experience was amazing.  The chance that a co-worker would drive by and STOP for me, then bring me to her friends house that she was heading to and is only 1 block away, let me use her cell phone, the fact that the guy who lives at the house has owned harleys and has experience with their electrical issues, and then the fact that i didn't have to pay for a tow truck or deal with all of that today.........not too bad.

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