Wednesday, October 29, 2008

curtains, my friends

so, we're hanging our last set of curtains at that house tonight.  pretty big accomplishment I think.  its nerve racking, spending money on things like that.  I mean, $250 on stuff that is for fun, clothing, music instruments, flower stuff, clothing, motorcycle helmets, leather jackets, clothing or any other fun stuff (haha), it would be fine, but on CURTAINS???  just not fun.  practical, yes.  

wait till Leigh sees the set I got though....

But this reminded me of an amazing band and a great album title.....Piebald's If it weren't for venetian blinds, it would be curtains for us all....

I would say Piebald were ahead of their time, but I don't know if that's true.  Maybe it was the right time, but from that time until now, people couldn't handle trying to grow with bands as they grow..........It was such a damn good album and a good time to be into music in New England.  also, it could've been that they just plain sucked too.

It looks like they might be breaking up now....or not, it seems like they were always on the verge of not being a band anymore, but hey, what do i know?

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