Monday, June 30, 2008

yesterday...all my troubles seemed so far away...

so yesterday was a hot one.  its so hot in Italy right now.  Italy is so hot right now....Italy.  Only one thing would've made today better or perfect, if Leigh Anne were here to share the discoveries with me.  Roaming around, getting lost, sweating, the smells of the canals, shopping, euros, gelato, spritz'a's, this is what summer is made of.  These things and sharing them with someone.  SO......next time, she's coming with me.  No if's, and's, or but's....done and done.  Check some pics below and as always, click the link on the right for all the pictures from the day.

I especially like the one of the dog under the table.  I looked at him and said "you are smart".  Its owners looked at me and said....."buonna gusta linguini pasta pizza, buongiorno ciao spritz'a"....

All the PHOTOS

So.......you're wondering.  is that really all the photos you've snapped on this whirlwind of an adventure.  NO.......i would answer.

click on the link to the right top side of this page that says "my pho toes" and it goes to my flickr page with all the pictures I have taken.  Some have charming titles or descriptions, some don't.  Some are good, some aren't.  But they are all mine.  Mine and yours.  Ours to share.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


There is a national drink in Italy and its the Spritz!  Or as all itialians say (because they add the sound 'a' to the end of everything...) SPRITZ'A!

Its an amazing magical drink that I will be bringing back with me to my home.  Yes, in america there is the wine spritzer, which is what this is....but calling it a Spritz or Spritz'a and knowing how to make it in the proper Italian style is what I'm talking about here.

Sparkling white wine (proseco)
Soda Water
Campari (or other bitters)
optional - slice of orange or lime and a green olive

I love Venicin......no wait, Venice

so what's new with you? not much, that's ok, because I've been up to alot lately.  For example, I headed in Venice yesterday.  Yeah, like Venice Italy.  It's a boater's paradise, a euro paradise, a lovers paradise, and last but not least its super touristy....I knew it would be, but somehow I find myself walking around saying things like "stupid American" or "lazy Frenchy" or "Stinky Spanaird" all too much.  Here's some pictures from my travels from the airport to my hotel.  Buongiorno!


So one of the first things I need to do is study, revamp, rework and do everything I can with the Brooks brand and the line.  where do I sign up?  just kidding, already did.   yesterday, I got to go through all of the old catalogues (read:catalogs in American) from the late 1800's and early 1900's. Brooks, the man, was a genius.  Tons of patents on everything from the bicycle seats to motorcycle seats to golf bags that attach to your bicycle...etc...here's a few pics from the catalogue pilfering!

a few days behind...italy continued

ok, so in this world of internet dependence, it gets a man down if he's got no connection to the web, but i'm back on.

so here's some pictures from Bassano Del Grappa, or just Bassano as the locals call it.  This great city is only about 15 minutes from the Selle Royal headquarters.  Not the greatest touristy pics but what i liked.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

the year of the bicycle

well, tons of changes in life.....and its a great thing.  especially when those changes involve a new job.  one that you love and feel good about.

right now, I'm writing from Italy.  From my hotel room in Bassano Del Grappa to be exact and I'm heading to the Selle Royal headquarters in a bit.  While there, I'll be discussing the futures of the Selle Royal, fizik, and Brooks brands and where we can go with each one.  should be a great day.  tour the production lines, talk shop, talk bicycles, take pictures and enjoy.