Thursday, March 18, 2010

coffee when travelling...

I'm leaving tomorrow, March 19, on yet another whirlwind development trip to Taiwan. One of the Best things about travelling as much as I do for work is getting to see the world, getting really familiar with places far away so they feel more like a home away from home (minus the things I love like my wife, cats, dog, music instruments, motorcycle projects, house, etc...).

One of the WORST things is the coffee in Taiwan.....ugh, drip coffee is like fucking tar over there. SO, this time around, I'm heading to Frazier Farms to get a pound or two of my favorite Fair Trade Organic Blend all ground up and I'm bringing a French Press with me. All of the hotel rooms have hot pots for making hot water for tea, so that part is easy. The hard part is picking out a 'travel french press'. I already have the Bodum Chambord for home and its a bit too fragile and big to travel with so now I need to explore my options, AND make a decision today. I figure between REI for the full Stainless Steel options and Target for some of the other Bodum options I can do this.

Of course, I'd love to have the Frieling piece shown in one of the pics below, but its overkill for what I need and the abuse it will get in my suitcase checked in on the airplane.

Bodum Brazil - nice bright colors. need to check durability

Planetary Design

Bodum Chambord

simple Camping version

Frieling 35 ounce

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