Wednesday, March 24, 2010

looking back

July 19, 2008
mi casa
Vista, CA

Jason*, Carter, myself**, and Aaron get ready while Leigh Anne watches me in fright...

Long before I had met Chris who would eternally help me make my bike look better and Kim would would never let me live down that my bike wasn't perfect enough*** or Pat who now is working on my rent invoice, we had a pretty good little crew of motorcycle rebels that rode around town.

Little did I know that I was headed to a Biltwell sponsored event and I would soon be rocking a bunch of Biltwell products and riding with Jason who it would turn out has known Kim for years. I guess its a small world.

and don't worry, I owe alot of credit to Jake and Dustin who are not pictured above but were with us on that day and also were HUGE helping hands in making working on motorcycles and riding them way more fun.

*Jason, get another bike already....you're only hurting yourself by not having one
**note my sweet turn signals on that stock 883R! truly XL. and the sweet right hand/left foot clutch/shift combo.
***while continuing to inspire me to notice the little details that separate the good from the great builds/parts/fabrication.

giving the "you're dead" sign to Carter's bike for the 3rd time that morning.


BCM said...

"would never let me live down that my bike wasn't perfect enough"

Seriously? Come on now.

LandMan said...

no. seriously. read the *** note. for real. yes.

Chris said...

Got the fender, thanks! 3 1200 sportys at the shop right now.

LandMan said...

somebody's gotta hardtail ONE of them....enough with the stock frames already!

BCM said...


LandMan said...

I just want to see what can be done that hasn't already.....not with a prefabbed hardtail, but something different. something made in the shop with some good thought behind it.