Monday, January 12, 2009

aloft from W Hotels

so, it looks like Startwood is stepping up its game for the future of hotels.  (or stepping down as this new chain is based on the $150/night zone).  It has launched its new divsion of W hotels called aloft.

but it really just looks like a copy of the infamous Casa Camper when you really get down to it.  watch the video here and then watch my dumb youtube video I made when I stayed at the casa camper.  especially the chill zone and free fresh food idea...oh and it feeling like a loft.....

and of course, where will the hotel be opening some new locations?  Brooklyn, Queens, and Harlem.  very hip of them.

I'm not against the idea of this hotel, in fact, I'd like to stay at one and check it out, it just would've been cool if it would've been smaller independently owned places, but what am I saying.....its the hotel industry and only the strong survive!  i get it, i get it.

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