Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dirty 30

yes, its true....I'm officially 30 years old, which makes me feel fine, but probably makes my parents feel OLD as hell...... because, well, they are.  Or at least they're getting there!

I received this picture in an email from Chris over at Biltwell.  I honestly felt a little bit of throw up in my mouth from laughing so hard while trying to read the text on this t-shirt.  He bought it in Taiwan for his girlfriend.....ahhhh, its nice to know people that share the love of typos and general English nonsense on things from Asia.

is that not the most precious statement in the world?  I mean, who doesn't love "RED BUMPS ASNAKE VEINS".  I gladly accept this .jpg as a birthday present.  that's how much I love reading it.

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CPB said...

Happy Birthday! I totally get what your saying about the parents. I just turned 30 and my parents were tripping out. It is a good age. Love your face Landman