Sunday, November 30, 2008

spread the venom

man, with the announcement just made....wait, there wasn't much of an announcement, but No Knife officially sold out their 1st show back in action at the Casbah.  Luckily, I might be able to pull the, "hey can you guy get me in since you practice at my band space and use my amp(s)....?" card in order to get in.

I feel super fortunate to have met the boys from a band that I loved and still love from back in the day.  I've been playing in GYDO with Brian for about 3 years now in some shape or form and I still remember the first night that I found out 'who he was' and 'what band he used to be in'. 

it was a chilly fall night and I had met Brian through Sean.  Brian wanted to be in a band and learn to play drums.  I've been playing drums since i was a kid so I figured I'd help him learn and I would play guitar in this band......then after a few practices, during a skate/slappy break, he picked up the Bass and just started OWNING IT.  I had never heard someone play bass that way and when I aske
d him why he wasn't playing bass in our little band, he just casually let out "well I used to play bass in my old band, No Knife, but I just wanted to try something new".

GYDO at Tower Bar with Planes Mistaken for Stars
Brian unleashes the 'demon eyes'

There I was, super embarrassed and psyched at the same time.........Needless to say, he jumped back on bass and we recruited my long time no see college friend John Foothills to play drums and GYDO was officially born.

SO....try to come on out to the Ken Club in San Diego this upcoming Saturday Night to catch us play some of our loud tunes and just have fun, doing what we do.  The lineup for the night is the following (headliner is the top band):

Get Your Death On
Sea Pansy

Check out some songs from our first demo/EP and other stuff at the myspace page.

GYDO in LA somewhere in 2006 or 07. Jon pre-two years of no haircut or beard trim.
Me with Sperry Top Siders and some cuffed jeans (wtf on the baggies)

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