Monday, November 17, 2008

gettin' 'spensive

little bit of a travel update

....no photos right now.  I'm actually in a meeting with a vendor right now, watching Vincent argue with them....

all I can say is that China is getting expensive.

Hotel prices in mainland China have gone up 25% to 50%, costs at the vendors are going up for finished goods, and now, just now, a saddle vendor just told me that that its cheaper to buy Kevlar from Italy and import it to their factory in China than to just buy it from a local Chinese supplier....wtf.

On a lighter note, I've been visiting a lot of bag vendors lately.

Went to the makers of Acme Made, Head Porter, Burton, Nixon, Billabong, Kate Spade, Samsonite, Kipling, Oilily, and Incase....some overlap in there, but basically 3 different factories in 3 days.

Some amazing stuff.  Nice and clean factories, super advanced assembly lines and tons of manual stitching and hand-made sweat going into these things.  

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