Thursday, December 18, 2008


man, all this rain in so cal and all i keep thinking about is getting some snow.  which brought back some memories from my trip to AK a few years back.....here's some pics down memory lane.

Nixon decided to have their sales meeting in Alyeska, Alaska which of course meant snowboarding every moment possible.  Only issue was that Mike and I were in Switzerland the week before the meeting, so we had to fly directly from Switzerland to Alaska, and by direct, I mean....Zurich -> Frankfurt, Frankfurt -> Chicago, Chicago -> SF, SF -> Anchorage....or something like that.

But once we got there, met up with the crew, we did what we had to do......

first night, just landed in Alaska on a flight from Zurich, Switzerland.  all who know me know that i WILL find a bar with karaoke and get it done.

Mr. Nelson, looking ever so 1979....its a timeless picture and overall look....

getting in some freshies.  looking up at one of the bowls we just came down.  10 people, 10 tracks and that was it...nobody else was near us.

our transportation back up the mountain all day....beats hiking, but doesn't beat the heli that just wouldn't fly due to the incoming snow

my lame-ass air, but an actual picture of me in motion which is good.  I could swear to you that it was HUUUGE!
apre shred, apre sales meeting, Dustin and I hit Anchorage off....found some rad dolphins at a playground and decided to surf.
you wouldn't even understand this move.  pure hang 5.

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