Friday, August 8, 2008

Portland OR A GONE

work, family, and lots of love bring me to one of my favorite cities in this amazing country.  And now we've got family living here so I feel less like I need to one day move here!  We've already worked out the house swapping agreements for when that's needed and Tom and Heather have been kind enough to let me leave a full snowboard set up at their house in exchange for leaving Tom's surfboard at our house.  done and done.

so while I was meeting with some of the crew from Cinco, Leigh was busy with her flowers.  Fortunately, The Floral LAB got hired to do the flowers for Leigh Anne's sister's wedding so we're here on a work/business trip for her and for me as well.  Here's some pics so far, and as usual, the rest are on the flickr page.

highlights so far, bicycles everywhere, BBQ at the carney residence (no rides or games), Devin's cameo appearance after riding his bike from downtown to NE 50th!, McMenamin's Edgefield, and the rehearsal at Timberline....

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heddacee said...

Love the blog, love the photos, most importantly..love you, Matt! Thanks for being a part of the wedding craziness and keeping a calm and steady demeanor through it all. We'll have Leigh's & your room ready and waiting as soon as the snow starts to fall on Hood.