Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bicycle Lust....

if there's one thing I don't need its hobbies.  Especially hobbies that involve buying stuff.  Why can't I get into any "free" hobbies, like, lets see, umm.....playing in the dirt? or running?  or maybe making rubber band balls?.

nope, I like stuff.  I love things.  products!  I work with bicycles.  I ride 2 wheeled vehicles everyday for work and pleasure, and now I need a new road bike.  NEED.  not really need, like I will fail an important mission if I don't successfully obtain a secret road bike by 0800 hours, but Need like I am obsessing over it.

So many amazing options with carbon fiber now, its hard to start and narrow it down.  

Bikes I'm digging though:

Ibis Silk SL - smaller company, nobody has em, painted carbon frames
Bianchi c2c 928 - super rad slightly relaxed shape and downtube - Bianchi
Masi 3VC - classic Italian bikes with a modern twist
Wilier Izoard - turned on to these by Ray Boshold.  all I can say is WOW.

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