Sunday, July 6, 2008

add another title onto my resume

so, I've secretly been working on a new profession.  Late at night, during travel, any freetime on the weekends, during commuting, etc....I've learned how to edit multimedia projects.  Below you will find my very first masterpiece, for your viewing pleasure.  Just kidding, sort of....Here's the skinny:

I just used iMovie and I'm not really sure how it works still
I wrote/recorded the song while I was in the city of Bassano in Italy last week at 3 in the morning
The pictures were taken with my digital camera accidentally with the zoom in effect

But, please, I give no excuses because really, its a fine example of modern art.  the only word that comes to mind is "thinkpiece".  enjoy the video of Casa Camper.


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It's a proactive approach that destroys the paradigm archetype. Count the buzzwords in THAT review!