Monday, July 21, 2008

....Leigh Anne said it was okay...

so for the past few weeks, I've been living a sort of double life.  well not really, but sort of.  One part of me is the newly working man (well new full time job, at least).  the other part is biker gang member, motorcycle commuter, weekend warrior, harley owner etc...wait, what? Harley owner, this can't be?  could it?  well, yes.

dad don't be mad, I still love vintage Hondas, but as I started on my quest for a new bike, the sportster beat out the triumph bonneville this time around.

I made a fair deal with Leigh, I get a consistent paying job and I get to buy a new motorcycle.  little did I think that I would be using the motorcycle everyday to commute on the highway, but with gas prices the way they are and 45 miles between 'rancho santa vista' and the new job in Laguna Beach, the moto is the only way to go!

so, now I can post about the ride that the crew went on this weekend up to the mountains east of LA to the Chop Meet....

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