Friday, July 4, 2008

you gotta learn your lesson

well, its been a long time since I've partied so hard (read:drink alcohol) that I get sick the next day, but Barcelona brought out the best (read:worst) in me.  The first night in Barcelona I headed to Shoko to meet up with some of the Nixon crew.  Most of them had no idea that I was in town on business for my new job so it was a great surprise when they saw me.....had a great time, some great loud dance music and the best part was Dustin telling me that no matter what was playing, all he was hearing was Justice.

In particular, this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsmzNB_eXek was playing on repeat through his head the whole time he was dancing.  That's probably not good, but not bad either.

to continue to the next day, my head was pounding, room spinning and I was feeling pretty ill for about an hour.  Then I went back to bed for another 5 hours and finally got up and had breakfast at 6:30PM.  Yes, that's right PM.  

So let me fill you in on the adjustment we had to make this day:::::

6:30PM Breakfast - feels like 10am
8:00PM Shopping - sun starts to set but feels like sun should be starting to rise
10:00PM Walking - sun is setting feels like 5PM
Midnight Dinner - go to restaurant feels like 8PM
Eat Dinner at 2AM - feels like 9PM
Go to sleep at7AM - feels like 2AM
Wake up the next day - feels like hell

I'm not proud of getting sick or even my ability to party or anything like that.  I'm not claiming to be a partier.  What I am proud of is my ability to adjust my day/life to this short term sleep screw up.

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