Saturday, October 20, 2012

going through some things

in the infamous words of Master P himself.....I'm Going Through Some Things....

we got to work on the new Sportster project last night for a while.  The fun part.  Figured that I might as well tackle the wiring mess before doing anything else aesthetic.  Aes-backwards.  woah, I like that.

these bikes are the funnest

tank off, stock harness exposed and look at those handlebar switches!

Down to what is necessary:
Headlight Power, Ground, Coil wires.  4 wires from the battery up the backbone.

Garbage so far.


Bars will be narrowed about an inch on each side and the levers and master cylinder will probably be replaced during the winter.  For now though, they will get the old cut down, smooth out, thinning process.  Look at the first pic and the last one, its amazing how much better the bars look without all the stock switches on there.

Going to go with an automotive style key switch so there will be no separate momentary button.  Just key and headlight on/off.  Baby steps.

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