Friday, October 26, 2012

Top Hats

the Wine Red Les Paul Standard hasn't seen much action since the last Get Your Death On show over 2 years ago other than me strumming it here and there, but I finally decided to replace the missing Tone and Volume knobs.  I have no idea where/when each one left the guitar, but I do know that with the indicators that were put on these late 80's "preissues", accidentally having the side of your hand come across one of these spikes that is unprotected by a knob sucks.  

Turns out that Gibson doesn't sell the proper Amber 24+ year aged color so its going to have to be a NOS or other brand search.  I figured I'd try the ones called vintage Gold instead of the vintage amber, but these are completely different and the numbers look to just be screen printed on versus the originals that are in mold.......Any ideas?  All Parts?  Anybody have a lead on a dude with a basement full of old guitar knobs?

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